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10 Tips to Improve Battery Life on iPhone [iOS 17]

Nov 16, 2023

iOS 17 boasts a flurry of new features and enhancements. However, if you are facing battery backup issues, you are in the right place.

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Today, I will share 10 super effective tips to improve battery life on iPhones running on iOS 17. Let's explore the tips.

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Apple keeps improving iPhone by collecting the analytics data, however, it consumes more battery. You can turn it off inside the Privacy Settings.

Turn Off Analytics & Improvements

Keep the background app refresh limited to useful apps only such as Messages, Email, Maps, etc. You can find these Settings inside General section.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

Haptics feedback is one of the most satisfying feature on iPhone. At the same time, it consumes more battery, you can turn off the Haptics inside Sound & Haptics settings.


iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 series users can turn off the Show Wallpaper in Always On Display to improve battery life.

Always On Display Wallpaper

Live Activities keeps you updated with latest events happening inside the app, so, you can turn off the unnecessary live activities by opening the app's setting.

Live Activities

All animated wallpapers including Astronomy wallpapers consumes more battery, always use a static wallpaper.

Animated Wallpapers

5G impacts battery life, so, keep the cellular data options set on 5G Auto for better experience on your iPhone.

5G Auto

Whenever you update your iPhone to a new software, make sure to check for new app updates. Developers release the app update optimized for new iOS update.

Update Apps

Some apps keep track your activity and impact battery life, you can turn the toggle off for tracking inside the Privacy & Security settings.

Turn Off Tracking

Keep the number of widgets limited on your home screen, I recommend you to keep only 1 or 2 widgets for better experience.

Minimize Use of Widgets

All these tips help me improving battery life on my iPhone. If you find this useful, please share this story with your friends.

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