Ashutosh Singh

iOS 17 Tip: You can now Save Offline Maps on iPhone

March 4, 2024

Planning a trip to enjoy your holidays or going somewhere on a business trip where the Internet is not accessible.

In new places, we can use Maps to reach our destinations, but as you know it requires the Internet to show the map.

With iOS 17, you can enjoy Apple Maps without the need for the Internet.

Yes, you can download Maps on your iPhone and use it offline. When we go somewhere, we can just download the map of that area. Here’s how.

Open Apple Maps on your iPhone and then tap the profile button.

Step 1:

Select Offline Maps option and then tap Download new map.

Step 2

Search for the city or area you want for offline use. Yes, you can save entire city's map on your iPhone.

Step 3

If you don’t want to download map for entire city, you can zoom in and zoom out. Last, tap the Download button.

Step 4

You can access and manage downloaded maps in the offline maps page.

Offline maps can show details like hours and ratings on places, turn-by-turn directions for driving, walking, cycling, or riding transit, and estimated arrival times.

The offline maps are available in select countries like the US. You can check the supported regions in our detailed page.