How to cross out text in Discord and other Text Formatting

Discord is, as we all know a popular platform for gamers and others alike. You could even go ahead and say that Discord replaces most of the apps that were designed to perform specific functions. You can call, text, send audio messages, screen share, and even go, live with 50 participants, thanks to Discord Stages. Now, you could send text in the chats like a normal person, but what if you want to emphasize or make your text stand out in Discord? Here is a guide on how to cross out text in Discord. Also, you will know other Text formatting in Discord.

There will always be someone who would like to flaunt their text styles by making them stand out or unique. Or, you could be a Discord server admin or mod that wants to get the attention of the other members for sharing important information. There could just be no need for the reasons why you want to have formatted text in your Discord chats. Let’s take a look at various text formatting methods you can use in your Discord messages.

Discord Text Formatting

There are different ways you can use to format your text in Discord. Here is a list of all the kings of text formatting that can be done in Discord. First, let’s check the strikethrough text in discord.

Discord Text Formatting

How to Cross Out Text in Discord

Having a strikethrough text can be useful when you might want to make changes to a text or just invalidate the text that you just typed. To type in a strikethrough text in Discord, this is what you do. You put in two tildes (~) symbols at the beginning and the end of the text like this.

~~This is how you create a strikethrough text~~

And when you send the message it will appear like this:

This is how you create a strikethrough text

It is simple right? You can use different formatting like strikethrough on your text messages. To save your time we have included other text formatting in this guide that you can use to send special text in Discord.

Other Text Formatting in Discord

Type Text in Italics

To give your text a bit of the italics style you will need an asterisk at the beginning and the ned of your sentence or word.

*This is how you type text in Italics*


This is how you type text in Italics

Type Text in Bold

To display your text in Bold, you now add two asterisks at the start and end of your sentence or word.

**This is how you type text in Bold**


This is how you type text in Bold

Type Text with underlines

Using an underlined text can be useful when you would like to convey something important to the server. It is super simple to use it. All you need to do is place two underscore characters at the beginning and the end.

__This is how you underline a text__


This is how you underline a text

Type Text with Combined Formatting

You can also make use of the above text formatting styles in a single sentence as well. Now, you cannot use all the styles at one time for every sentence whatsoever. But then if you are someone who likes to play around with formatting styles.

__***~~You can use multiple first styles as well~~***__


You can use multiple first styles as well

Type Text in Code Blocks

You can make your text look unique too just like a code block. This is simple and easy to do. All you need to do is put one backtick before and after the sentence. Want to spice it up with other combinations? That can also be done easily. If you wish to use multiple lines of code blocks, just add three backquotes to the start and end and you are good to go.

`You can type text in code blocks as well`


You can type text in code blocks as well

For multiple lines, you need to use three backticks before and after the para.

Typing Discord Text in Colors

You can even type your text in a limited number of colors. Why in colors? Well, you could use it to get the attention of people on your server and people will automatically notice your text if it stands out and looks different from the regular text.

Note: Discord Color Formatting doesn’t work on Smartphones, so if you are sending messages from the discord phone App, then you will not see the colors but users with Discord for PC will be able to see texts in color.

How to cross out text in Discord

Text in Red Color

- Discord Text in Red

Text in Orange Color

[Here is what text in Orange looks like]

Text in Yellow Color

Here's your text in Yellow on Discord

You can also use this method to type your text in Yellow


Text in Light Green Color

+This is light green text in Discord

Text in Dark Green Color

"This is Discord message with dark green text"

Text in Blue Color

[Blue text is all you need]

And this is how you can use text formatting in Discord. All of this is possible thanks to Markup for Discord. If you take a look at the colors part, you will notice that each color has its unique syntax and symbols. If you don’t wish to type everything, simply copy them from this article and change the text that is between. You should now be good to go. Have you used text formatting in Discord before? If yes, what are the other text formatting methods you use? Share them in the comments below.

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