Samsung introduces Gauss, its own Generative AI Model

AI is taking over in all fields and the majority of its use is obviously in the tech field. All tech giants are working on bringing something useful related to AI in their devices.

Samsung, one of the successful tech brands announces its own generative AI called Gauss. The Gauss model consists of Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image.

Samsung has many products and the Gauss is going to play an important role in improving the functions of these products. The Gauss model can be used to enhance work efficiency by facilitating tasks such as composing emails, summarizing documents, and translating content.

In a press release Samsung also mentioned the use case of translating content which is referred as AI Live translate call. It will translate voice and text to help users if they are talking to one who speaks a different language.

Samsung's Gauss generative AI Model

Samsung further shared that the Gauss generative AI model can also help with smart device control once integrated into the products.

There is a coding assistant (code.i) which is optimized for software development which can help developers to write codes faster and easier. It support code description, and test case generation.

Also there is a generative image model that helps to generate images and edit images by adding different styles, and upscaling image quality. You may be familiar with image generation from Pixel 8 features which let users generate different wallpapers with some pre-defined texts.

Samsung's Gauss generative AI Model

There are rumors about the Galaxy S24 series to come with many AI capabilities and from the new AI model announcement we can guess what AI capabilities we get to see in the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. And later we can also expect the Gauss to be part of more devices to carry out AI tasks for better experience to users.

Samsung’s generative AI model get its name after Carl Friedrich Gauss, the legendary mathematician who established a theory that is the root of machine learning and AI. The South Korean tech giant also shared, that the company employees are already using Gauss to boost productivity.

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