How to use Android Auto on Tesla [Workaround]

Android Auto is a pretty useful feature that can be used for vehicles. What does it provide? Well, a lot of things. It lets you make use few features of your phone without having to touch your phone at all. From placing and taking calls, to listening to music and even navigation, all these things can be done thanks to Android Auto. Now we all know about the popular electric vehicle company called Tesla. Now, Tesla doesn’t have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. However, there is a way to use Android Auto on Tesla. Read along to know more.

Why does tesla not have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support? Well, we will never know. The thing here is tesla wants its users to make use of its services, navigation and infotainment system. Granted you can play games while charging up your Tesla.  But then, having Android Auto is beneficial since you get to use the best maps service – Google Maps for navigation. There is, however, a way to get Android Auto working on a Tesla. Let’s take a look at it.

How to get Android Auto on Tesla

A developer that goes by the name of AAWireless has found a way to get Android Auto access on any Tesla. However, the Tesla should have Hardware Acceleration on its infotainment system for it to be able to work perfectly. This means any display from Tesla that can play Netflix videos will be able to use this Android Auto feature easily.

how to use android auto on tesla
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  1. First of all, turn the hotspot of your Android device on. Your tesla should be connected to the Wi-Fi Hotspot to access the Internet.
  2. Next, enable Bluetooth on your phone as well as your tesla.
  3. Make sure to pair the tesla and your Android device and have them connected.
  4. With the Tesla connected to the Internet, open up the browser on your infotainment display.
  5. Now, on your Android phone, open the Google Play Store and download the TeslAA app.
  6. The app will cost you $6.50 and weighs in at 61 MB.
  7. With the browser on your tesla open, head over to
  8. Now, you will see Android Auto open up right away when the TeslAA app is running.
  9. You will now be able to use Google Maps for navigation and play music using Spotify YouTube Music.

The app itself is in its early stages. It lets you adjust the DPI and resolution of the output on the Tesla’s display. You shouldn’t expect more features in the first release of the app. The developer does need to see things function and then slowly might even ad features. But for now, it’s in a test phase and should work for most people.


So, yes you can run Android Auto on a Tesla, but not natively. There could be a few issues, glitches, and some lag when using Google Maps on the browser of your Tesla. Well, it’s fair enough for the app to be paid as the developer is working hard to get the best out of what can be used on a Tesla. So, if you have or know people that have an Android device and a tesla, you can recommend them to purchase the app and try it out for themselves.

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