How to Unbrick Nothing Phone 1 with Tool (Download Unbrick Tool)

Nothing Phone 1 is one of the most hyped phones of the year 2022. It’s not a premium flagship yet it grabs the attention of every tech lover. It comes with a flashy design and smooth user interface that reminds me of the early days of OnePlus.

Whenever a new phone arrives, enthusiast users explore all of its features. And once they are fed up with stock features they look for advanced options that can be achieved using risky processes. And using these processes sometimes leads to bricking the device.

In case your Nothing Phone 1 also ends up in a dead state or bricked, you can fix that by yourself without visiting the service center. Nowadays, visiting service centers takes a lot of time as the team performs various testing processes. But you can avoid that if you know how to boot your phone into EDL mode. It’s tricky but easy.

The EDL or Emergency Download Mode is a boot mode used by technicians for repairs. And now you can use the EDL mode to unbrick your Nothing Phone 1, thanks to the Nothing Phone 1 unbrick tool.

Download Nothing Phone 1 Unbrick Tool

The Unbrick Tool for Nothing Phone 1 is designed by mark332, an XDA senior member. It eliminates one big problem and that is figuring out how to unbrick the tool and saves a lot of time. Not only does it unbrick the device but also performs some other tasks. And it’s quite easy to use. So if you own Nothing Phone 1, then you must have this tool. The tool is based on Nothing OS V1.1.7.

There are a bunch of features of the Unbrick tool for Nothing Phone 1. Here are some features shared by the modder.

  • Read Firmware (EDL) (locked bootloader)
  • Flash Firmware (EDL) (locked bootloader)
  • backup EFS (EDL) (locked bootloader)
  • Wipe FRP & userdata (EDL) (locked bootloader)

How to Unbrick Nothing Phone 1 with Unbrick Tool

Once you have downloaded the tool, you can use it to unbrick your bricked Nothing Phone 1. The only tough part is the first step which is putting the device into EDL mode. And once you have done that, the rest of the process is piece of cake.

Boot Nothing Phone 1 into EDL Mode

So how to boot the device into EDL mode? Well, there is more than one method to reach EDL. The simplest one is getting a modified USB cable and following the key combo method. When the device is switched off, press and hold Volume Up & Down buttons together and connect the device to the PC using the modified cable.

Another way to boot your Nothing Phone 1 to EDL mode is by sorting two test points. These test points are available on the right side from the rearview (after dissembling the back panel). After sorting two test points, the device should boot into EDL mode. To check for that connect the device to your Windows PC and open the device manager. It will show up as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 or QHUSB_BULK.

How to Unbrick Nothing Phone 1
Source: XDA

Steps to Unbrick Nothing Phone 1

Once your PC recognizes your phone in EDL mode, you can follow the rest of the process. And as mentioned earlier it’s quite easy. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Copy the downloaded tool on your PC (in C Folder).
  2. Extract the file and rename the extracted file to Unbrick without any spaces.
  3. Run the unbricktool.exe file and it will open the tool.
  4. The tool will recognize the device in EDL mode and its status will be visible on the right portion of the tool.
  5. Now from different options, select Firmware Flash and click Start.
  6. Once the process completes, your Nothing Phone 1 will boot into the system.

The process will unbrick your phone and relock the bootloader. Since the tool is based on Nothing OS v1.1.7, the device will boot into the same version. But you can easily upgrade to the latest version.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to unbrick Nothing Phone 1 with the link to unbrick tool. If you have any queries let us know in the comment section.

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