How to Enable Windows 11 Moment 5 Features Right Away

Microsoft released the February 2024 Moment update towards the end of February. Alternatively known as the Windows 11 Moment 5 update, this update brings in a slew of new features and most importantly Copilot plugins, better voice access improvements, as well as improved Snap Layouts that will show you where you can move a window to.

As it is with Microsoft and their updates, these updates can take time to fully roll out. However, there have also been times when a user has received the update but for some reason, the features do not seem to be enabled by default. In such cases, you have two options. One is to wait for further updates from Microsoft to get the feature enabled and the other way is to forcefully enable these features.

If you cannot wait for further updates to enable the feature, you can follow this guide that shows you how to enable Windows 11 Moment 5 features right away.

Enable Moment 5 Features On Your Windows 11 PC

You need to note that this will work only if you have the update installed on your PC. But if the features are not available or enabled right away after the update, there could be a few reasons. There could be a bug or more likely even a compatibility issue with the feature which might result in it being hidden or not available on your PC.

So with the update and installed features missing, it is time to bring in the most useful tool that you can use for free on your Windows 11 PC, ViveTool. We’ll show you how you can download it as well as how you can enable the feature using that tool.

Download ViveTool

Downloading ViveTool is simple and easy. However, you must download the tool from the right places only. Downloading it from unknown or unfamiliar places can result in downloading a potentially infected ViveTool which might result in some issues for your Windows PC.

  • Open up your web browser and head over to this GitHub page.
  • Download the zip file to your PC.
  • Now, extract the zip file to a location that you can easily remember.

Enabling The Features With ViveTool

Now, it is time to enable the features using the ViveTool that you just downloaded from the GitHub page.

  • First, you need to launch the Command Prompt from the Start Menu.
  • Ensure to run Command Prompt via the administrator privileges.
  • With the Command Prompt window open, you will have to set up the directory to the ViveTool folder.
  • For that, simply type in cd followed by the file path of the ViveTool folder. You can also drag and drop the Vivetool folder in CMD after writing Cd<space>.
    How to Enable Windows 11 Moment 5 Features
  • Once the directory has been set up, you can enter the command to enable the features.
  • Simply type in
    • Vivetool /enable /id:44470355 and hit the enter key.
  • After the command, simply restart your Windows 11 PC and then check for the features that you have forcefully enabled.

Credit to X user @PhantomOfEarth for the feature ID that you can use with VIveTool to forcefully enable the Moment 5 features on your Windows 11 PC.

This concludes the guide on how you can forcefully enable the features from the Moment 5 update for your Windows 11 PC. While it is recommended to wait for the updates to automatically install and enable these features, forcefully enabling the features is also perfectly fine. However, if the feature has some bugs or issues, it might result in some functionality so do test it out at your own risk.

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