Microsoft Sunsets Android App Support on Windows 11

Microsoft took the wraps off Windows 11 in 2021, which came several years after Windows 10. Many things made Windows 11 different from Windows 10 in terms of looks, supported features, or even the quite high system requirements that your PC had to meet. But, when Microsoft said that it would be bringing Android app support and even an Android app store to Windows 11, that was a game changer.

While the Android app support for Windows 11 was a welcome move, a few years down the line, Microsoft is ready to draw the covers on the Android app support as well as the Amazon App Store for Windows 11.

Goodbye Windows Subsystem for Android

In all fairness, this sudden decision to close the Android app support and Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 came as a surprise. You see, Microsoft brought in this feature to run Android apps on Windows 11 because at that time Apple’s macOS already had support to run native iOS apps with ease on your macOS-powered devices.

While the Android apps support was a game changer for Windows 11, there was one element that would reduce the experience of running Android apps on a Windows 11 PC. The Amazon App Store did have several Android apps that you could install and run on your Windows PC, but the app library wasn’t that vast. Although you had the option to sideload the Android APK field or even other alternate app stores, missing out on the Google Play Store and the Google Play Services would simply render a ton of apps useless.

This seems like a mistake that Microsoft never learned from the early days of its mobile operating system which was a great operating system for smartphones but felt useless because of the lack of apps that its users wanted especially from the likes of Google and its large array of apps that you now see on Android as well as iOS.

When Does The Support Come to An End?

On the 5th of March, Microsoft in its Windows Subsystem for Android support document has now added a new block that talks about the end of support. Everything from the Amazon App Store to apps and games that are dependent on the WSA will stop working from March 5, 2025. So yes, there is exactly one year until the whole Android app support for Windows 11 sunsets into darkness. However, if you do have apps installed from the Amazon App Store before March 5, 2024 then those apps will receive updates until March 5, 2025.

What Happens To The Existing Apps?

All apps that are currently on the Amazon App Store will be functioning just fine and will continue to receive updates. Developers will not be able to launch or release new apps to the Amazon App Store. Amazon has also stated that it will provide a smooth and easy transition for developers who have their apps listed on its app store.

If like me, you have never tried or installed any app from the Amazon App Store on your Windows 11 PC, you will no longer be able to find Android apps including the Amazon App Store. Instead, you can always go back to your favorite and trusty Android emulator that you can always install and run your Android apps on your Windows 11 PC.

What’s In Store For Windows 11 In The Future?

Putting an Android app support and the WSA seems to be the right move for Microsoft. Apart from those who have enjoyed running Android apps natively on Windows 11, do you think many other people out there care about this feature going away? Not at all. Looking at how Microsoft is heavily invested in bringing a better AI experience not only to its apps and services but to its Windows OS.

Microsoft should now concentrate on improving Windows 11 and whatever next-generation operating system it plans to release in the coming years. Improvements in performance, stability, and working on squashing the bugs and crashes should be at the top of the list for Microsoft to keep its loyal Windows operating system users engaged to the OS and not switch away to alternative options.

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