Google knocks out the year’s biggest Pixel feature drop update for Pixel Phones and Watch

Being an owner of a Google Pixel device has a lot of benefits. Of course, you do get to taste the latest version of Android and the latest security patch updates. But, one other reason people pick up the Google Pixel devices is simply for one of the best reasons – the Pixel Feature Drop updates. This time, however, the Pixel Feature Drop is the biggest one ever released. There are a lot of improvements for not only the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, but also for the brand new Pixel Watch.

Here’s everything new coming with the Pixel Feature Drop December 2022 to the Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch.

Google One VPN

The Pixel 7 duo now gets access to VPN service provided by Google one. The best part about it is this VPN service is available to Pixel 7 users at no additional cost whatsoever. You no longer need to make use of any third-party VPN services! Simply use the built-in VPN and you are good to go.

New Privacy Settings

Since Google and Android 13 are all about taking care of your security and privacy, the new Settings and privacy options now let you easily protect sensitive information such as your phone account and the passwords that have been stored on the device. The Feature Drop brings in more action cars on your screen.

pixel feature drop december 2022

Much Clearer Calls

The Tensor G2 chip on the Pixel 7 lineup now has the ability to make your audio calls much clearer. The device will now be able to enhance the caller’s voice as well as reduce or remove any unwanted background noise from the call.

pixel feature drop december 2022

Smarter Recorder

The new smart Recorder on the Google Pixel will now be able to identify and label different speakers when you might be recording a conversation inside a meeting. This helps in being able to easily transcribe audio to text right away on your device without any delays whatsoever.

pixel feature drop december 2022

Better Sleep Insights

When paired with your Pixel 7, the pixel watch will now be able to monitor your sleep thanks to the sleep profile. You will be getting deeper insights into your sleeping pattern and habits as well as 10 additional aspects of your sleep. Wearing the watch to bed for two weeks will easily give you the whole results on the first of the next month.

pixel feature drop december 2022

Bloom Live Wallapapers

Every time you swipe on your Pixel’s home screen, the wallpaper automatically moves whether it is a left or a right swipe.

Pixel Watch Updates

New tiles for the popular apps have been added. This helps you to easily glance at any notification from the app right away on your Pixel Watch. You now also have a sunrise and sunset tile that lets you add plans for your day. The Pixel watch also allows you to add upto 5 of your favorite contacts to your watch. This lets you easily be in touch with them with a single tap.

pixel feature drop december 2022

Digital Car Key

Pixel owners will now be able to easily add their car’s keys to their Pixel/ You will be able to lock, unlock and in some cases even start the car by just using your Pixel device. The digital key can also be shared with other members who might be driving the particular vehicle.

Live Translate

Google’s Live Translate is now working in 5 additional languages- Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Vietnamese and Danish.

Better Search options

Google’s powerful on-device search tool now can search for anything and everything stored on your device. This feature is now rolling out also for the Pixel 4A.

Voice Transcriptions

The Pixel 4A and newer Pixels now have the ability to easily and quickly voice transcribe messages on the go.

This is everything that has been made available for the new Pixel devices in the Pixel Feature Drop for the month of December. As you would expect, every month there are going to be new and cooler features that will improve the overall experience of your Pixel devices. That’s not all, but the tech giant has also released the monthly incremental upgrade for the Pixel phones, here’s what’s new coming with Pixel December 2022 security update.

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