Ashutosh Singh

Is the Google Pixel Watch Waterproof?

Nov 2, 2022

Last month on October 6th, Google released its first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch. It runs on Google's latest wear OS.

There can be many questions that must be coming in everyone's mind and one of them is whether Pixel Watch is waterproof or not.

IMG: Unsplash

If you do a lot of activities that involve water, you should clear all doubts before making a purchase.

A watch is one such device that we cannot protect from being exposed to water all the time. So let's find out if it is waterproof.

The Pixel Watch is rated IP68 or 5ATM. So this is a water resistant watch. The 3D Corning Gorilla Glass on the watch also helps.

So for normal conditions like swimming, raining, sweating during exercise shouldn't affect the Pixel Watch at all.

IMG: Unsplash

The 5ATM rating means it can withstand up to 50 meters of water pressure. So you should avoid using it in high pressure water.

Also avoid using the Pixel watch for more time in water (more than 30 minutes). And avoid using the Watch at depths of more than 1.5 meters.

This applies to water and not other liquids. So it can be damaged if the watch is used in other liquids.

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