Google Play Games for PC – Everything we know so far about it

While Windows 11 was released last year, we also got the functionality of installing Android apps and games from the Amazon App Store. Now of course we know that the current Amazon App Store isn’t filled with a lot of games and the best way to play a few games is by sideloading. the games and different app stores. There is now even better news out there. Google, has just announced a new Google Play Games feature. You will now be able to play Android games from the Google Play Store on your PC right away. Let’s dig a bit deeper into what it is all about.

Of course, the ability to play and run Android apps and games has always been a thing for a long time. You could make use of various Android emulators that would let you install and play Android games on your PC right away. While it was cool, there was always the issue of lags and sometimes, even resulting in your account in the game getting banned. Well, with Google’s new project you can simply ditch the Android emulator to play games but not quite yet. Read on to know everything about Google Play Games for Windows.

Region Availability

This feature is currently in its beta stage and is available in only three regions so far i.e. South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Sure, its availability s quite limited, but we can expect the beta access to slowly reach across different regions in the coming weeks or months. If you belong to any of the above-mentioned regions, you can put in your request to get access to the Google Play Games PC app. But, this also means that you meet system requirements that are important in the smooth functioning of the Google Play Games app.

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements that are needed in order to join the waitlist as and when the beta access goes live in your region. Here are the system requirements

  • Windows 10 running update 2004 or newer
  • An SSD with at least free space of 20 GB
  • CPU with 8 logical cores
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Windows account with Admin privileges
  • Hardware Virtualization present and enabled

Supported GPUs

Along with all the system specs, you also need to have any one of the below-mentioned GPUs in order to use Google Play games.

Nvidia GPUs

  • GeForce GTX 600, 700, 800, 900,10 series
  • GeForce 16, 20, 30 series
  • Volta series

Intel GPUs

  • Iris Xe Graphics


  • Radeon HD 7790, 7850, 7870, 7970, 7990
  • Radeon HD 8970, 8990
  • Radeon R9 200 series
  • Radeon R7 & R9 300 series
  • Radeon RX 400 series
  • Radeon RX 570, 580, 890
  • Radeon RX Vega series
  • Radeon VII series
  • Radeon 5000, 6000 series

Google Play Games Features

While you will be able to finally play your Android mobile games without lags on your PC, here are some added benefits

  • A bigger screen brings in more immersive gameplay
  • In-game controls automatically mapped to your keyboard and mouse
  • Google achievements and rewards will be synced
  • Single google account to sync your game progress and continuity functionality
  • Safe game installations and game optimizations for PC
  • Earn Google Play Points from subscriptions and in-game purchases. (Play Points available in select regions)

And this is everything about the new Google Play games for PC While it is currently in beta and in very limited regions, it is safe to say this will be a great success while it launches globally. We will update the region availability list as and when new regions are added. So, what do you think about being able to play Android games on a PC without an Android emulator?

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Do you think this will be the death of Android Emulators? Do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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