10 Best Nvidia GeForce NOW Alternatives for Cloud Gaming

In this article, we’re going to share a list of 10 best Nvidia GeForce NOW alternatives.

Gaming has always been an important part of our everyday life. You get to see new games being developer, released, and even a lot of dedicated gaming events taking place as well. One important branch of gaming that is slowly but steadily gaining traction is cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is where you will be able to stream and play any game from a remote server onto any device. You do not need to have an expensive gaming rig to be playing games from the cloud.

Nvidia’s GeForce NOW is one of the popular cloud gaming services that have a wide range of games available from different storefronts. If GeForce NOW isn’t available in your region, here are 10 cloud gaming services that you can try if they are available in your region.

A cloud gaming service will usually provide you with various kinds of subscription plans and the type of resolution that you can play on. You can play it via the browser on your desktop or pc or use the dedicated app for the mobile platform. The only thing that you will need to be able to play games from the cloud is an internet connection with decent speed as well as any of the subscription plans and you are good to go. However, the thing with cloud gaming services, is that they are available in a few limited regions as of now. And it is a headache trying to use workarounds to be able to use them. However, if you have tried GeForce NOW and want to what other cloud gaming options are available, read on to know the 10 best alternatives to GeForce NOW.

Nvidia GeForce NOW alternatives

1. Google Stadia

Google has also dived in to join in the race to cloud gaming. Stadia as it is known can be played on any device either PC or mobile or even your Android Smart TV. Stadia has two plans, a free plan, and a paid monthly plan that will cost you $9.99. Stadia also supports various other controllers and even has its own Stadia controller.

GeForce Now Alternatives

You can make use of the one-month free trial of Stadia Pro before heading on to purchase the plans. With Stadia Pro, you get a bunch of games for free to keep every month. You can play games at 4K60 and even expect a higher resolution at 8K120 FPS. However, Google Stadia is currently available in a handful of regions but has a growing list of games being added as well.

2. Amazon Luna

Amazon decided to not be left out of the cloud gaming race. Amazon Luna is their answer to cloud gaming. The service has two kinds of subscription plans which are in early access as of now. To be able to play on Amazon Luna, you will have to request early access and choose either of the plans. There is the Luna+ plan that will cost you $5.99 a month and the Ubisoft+ plan that will cost you $14.99 a month. However, Amazon Luna is only available in the US and lets you play at 1080p60.

GeForce Now Alternatives

Amazon Luna has an average list of games in its library which you can check here. Amazon Luna has third-party controller support for the Xbox One and the PS4 controllers only. If you don’t have those controllers, you can always purchase the Luna Controller and play games right away.

3. Sony PlayStation Now

Want to enjoy the best of PlayStation games on your PC? Sony’s PlayStation Now has got you covered. You can play the best titles from PS2, PS3, and PS4 on your PlayStation 5 or your Windows PC. To make use of PS Now, you will simply have to download the PS Now app on your PS5 or PC, pick up the 7-day free trial, and enjoy your games. Well, you will have to create or sign in with your PlayStation Network account to use the service. You can use the DualShock4 controller on the console or PC or even any other compatible controller.

GeForce Now Alternatives

PS Now has a huge library of games at least over 300 with new games being added all the time. There are three kinds of plans, a yearly plan that will cost you $59.99, a 3-month plan for $24.99, and a monthly plan for $9.99. However, the cloud service is available in 19 regions as of now.

4. Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft has also got into the cloud gaming arena with Xbox Cloud Gaming. The service is currently in beta, but still, it is one of the best alternatives of GeForce NOW for cloud gaming. So how does this work? Well, if you have an Ultimate subscription to Xbox Game Pass, you will then easily be able to play the whole Xbox games collection on your PC or mobile for a monthly price. The Ultimate Game Pass subscription will cost you $14.99 a month.

GeForce Now Alternatives

This will give you access to a large library of games, Xbox cloud gaming, Xbox Live Gold, and even an EA Play membership plus exclusive same-day release access o newly launched games. While you could purchase the Xbox Game pass subscription in almost any region, the Cloud Gaming service is not available in all regions.

5. Parsec

The next-pick in the list of best GeForce NOW alternatives is the Parsec. Parsec has a different approach when it comes to playing games. What you will basically need is a virtual machine on the cloud. More like you have to rent a cloud computer that is available and fully functional in your region. You will also need to download the Parsec app onto the cloud virtual machine and then install your games client onto the cloud VM. Create a few save states for the game you wish to play on the VM with your friends.

GeForce Now Alternatives

With the save states for the game done, you can simply share a link with your friend to join in and play multiplayer games right away without having any latency issues or lags. Even if your friend has a tablet and a controller, they can join in to play games with you right away. It is more like a game-sharing service over the cloud if you would call it something like that.

6. Playkey

Playkey.net is a cloud gaming service for those who don’t have a high-end gaming rig. If you have games purchased from Steam, Battle.net, Uplay, and other stores, you can play those games right away. All you need to do is create a Playkey account and play games that you have purchased already. With subscriptions for Playkey, you can pay by the hour starting at $2 for an hour. So if you play for 100 hours, you will have to shell out $100.

GeForce Now Alternatives

If that doesn’t suit you well, you can always make use of the monthly plan that has unlimited benefits which will cost you $49 a month. On Playkey, you will be able to play games at full HD graphics running at 60FPS. If you have internet speeds above 25 Mbps, you will be able to play games at 120 FPS right away.

7. Blacknut

Blacknut is another cloud gaming service that you can use to play games right away. The library has around 500 games with new ones being added to its library regularly. You can have up to 5 different accounts on a single monthly subscription plan. What this would mean is that you can have other members on your plan and let them play the games that they enjoy in their separate accounts. The monthly plan will cost you $12.99 and Blacknut claims that there are no ads or in-game purchases required as well.

GeForce Now Alternatives

As for platform availability, you can run Blacknut cloud gaming services on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Amazon TV as well as Google TV. Each platform has an app that you can download use right away. You can also play a game on one device and then log in via another device to continue playing. Also, as of now, Blacknut has compatibility with the Xbox One controllers.

8. Netboom

Netboom is a cloud gaming service that is focused more on those who have no PCs at all. You can play games from the cloud via the Android and iOS mobile apps. Though you can play on your PC for a monthly fee of $8.99. With that being said the service has support for a few controllers to connect via Bluetooth. You can pick out games from the Rockstar, Steam, and Epic Games library to play. The Netboom website shows off a few of the latest and demanding games that can be played right away on mobile devices.

GeForce Now Alternatives

If you are a new member that has recently registered with netbook, they provide you with around 20 minutes of a gaming session for free. After the 20 minutes, you can then top up and pay as you play. Meaning that you pay for the number of houses that you play.

9. Vortex

Vortex is another cloud gaming service that is slowly rising. The service has around 168 games in its library as of now. You will be able to play games on Windows, macOS, and Android. Vortex is available in a lot of regions and will soon be global with an ever-increasing library of games. Vortex also claims that you will be able to play games at 60 FPS Full-HD.

GeForce Now Alternatives

Vortex might be small for now, but we can surely see it grow up soon and expand far and wide. With Vortex, you can choose from three kinds of monthly plans, A $3,99 basic plan, a $19,99 Pro plan, and a $29.99 Ultra Plan, each plan provides you with a license for a handful of games.

10. Shadow

The last gaming cloud service or we can say GeForce NOW alternative on the list is Shadow. Shadow is available to play on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and even on Smart TVs. The cloud gaming service claims to provide you the best streaming quality at 4K60 and 144 FPS at Full-HD resolution. It also has support for various peripherals and controllers as well. If you want you can also install software onto the cloud PC if you don’t plan on gaming anytime.

GeForce Now Alternatives

For best performances, Shadow requires that you have at least a 15 Mbps internet connection. Shadow currently has a monthly plan that will cost you $29.99. A system will be provided to you at a data center that is the closest to them ensuring that you don’t run into lags and latency issues of any kind.


So here are the best cloud gaming service alternatives to Nvidia GeForce NOW. Yes, some of them still need to improve upon and expand their region availability while others need to buff up their library of games. With cloud gaming services slowly gaining popularity, we hope to see more service providers bring out gaming to those who do not have access to gaming systems and consoles, thereby making gaming available to each and every one at a low cost and thus making and keeping people happy at all times.

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In case, we miss featuring your favorite or any better alternative of GeForce NOW in this list, then tell us by leaving a comment in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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