10 Games like Overcooked 2 to play on PC and Mobile

Time and resource management games have always appealed to a certain group of audience. Everyone likes to have those games where you are made to complete tasks with whatever resources you have. Cooking games fall under this category and there are plenty of them available.

People of all ages enjoy these games either to have fun with their friends online or to simply pass the time. If you are someone that has enjoyed playing Overcooked 2 as a party game, then I’m sure you might be looking out for more games similar to Overcooked 2 on PC and Mobile. Here is a list of games like Overcooked 2 for PC and Mobile.

If you don’t know what Overcooked 2 is, well it’s a game where you and your friends group up and prepare tasty dishes ranging from various cuisines across the world. You also get to open up and start several restaurants. The game is super fun and will kill your boredom right away, provided you have a set of friends who are willing to play with you. Enough said about Overcooked 2, here are other alternatives to Overcooked 2 that you can play on PC and Mobile.

Games like Overcooked 2 for PC

1. Epic Chef

We start the list of games similar to Overcooked 2 with a new game that is going to be released quite soon. With its release date set to November 11, Epic Chef is all about preparing the best dishes with whatever ingredients you have. You will also be able to craft a few items as well as farm some of the vegetables that you will need to prepare your dishes.

Games like Overcooked 2

The game also has some chef battles where you will be competing against other chefs in your city Ambrosia. Apart from just having all the usual cooking game elements, you will be able to free-roam through Ambrosia and get acquainted with the locals. Before you plan to buy the game, you can download and play the free demo that is available on Steam.

  • Developer: Infinigon Games
  • Release Date: 11 November 2021
  • Platform: Steam

2. Diner Bros

Here is another restaurant management game like Overcooked 2 where you need to be as fast as you can to prepare dishes and serve them to your customers. You will have to manage other aspects such as cleaning up the tables, ensuring your staff gets their work done as well as ensuring that your restaurant gets upgraded as and when more customers start showing up.

Games like Overcooked 2

While you are busy with a lot of the managerial tasks, you need to watch out for people who would like to simply not pay for their food and escape. Overall there are 40+ challenges available plus the added option of playing with your friends online or using the old-school couch gaming split-screen mode.

  • Developer: JAYFLGAMES
  • Release Date: 6 July 2021
  • Platform: Steam (paid)

3. Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game

As it says in the game’s title, this is a full-fledged restaurant management game where you begin by creating your unique character. The rest of the usual elements follow in closely. You can level up your character, add on more abilities as well as manage how the restaurant should like, how things are to be arranged, and most importantly, prepare a perfect menu that will help bring in more customers to try your delicious food.

Games like Overcooked 2

You can choose between having separate veg, non-veg, and seafood menus for those customers who enjoy a variety in their cuisine. The game also has an Asian Cuisine DLC that you can purchase to widen up your menu.

  • Developer: Inner Void
  • Release Date: 20 August 2020
  • Platform: Steam (paid)

4. Cooking Simulator

Simulator games are fun to play and Cooking Simulator is no exception here. There is a regular game as well as the VR version. The game can get fun. You are placed in a restaurant kitchen. As a chef, you will have to begin preparing customers’ dishes. First, you will be shown the orders that you have to prepare. The ingredients and all your equipment will be available right away for your use.

Games like Overcooked 2

The fun part begins when you suddenly find yourself messing things up. Like for example you can toss and break plates, burn down the cooking range, and even your food. Once you have completed your dish, you can take a picture and serve it to the customers. At then, you will be given a report that shows you how well your dish was prepared and whether the customer liked it or not.

  • Developer: Big Cheese Studio
  • Release Date: 6 June 2019
  • Platform: Steam (paid), Android, iOS (free)

5. Cooking Fever

Here is a free-to-play cooking game like Overcooked 2 that you can enjoy on your PC or Android and iOS devices. You will be able to try out a ton of dishes from the Chinese and Indian menus, work with a variety of kitchen appliances and even go ahead to decorate and make your restaurant look presentable and inviting to the customers.

Games like Overcooked 2

You will have to find out ways how you can retain customers to your restaurant by providing some offers or additional free items. Cooking fever has over 1000 levels, 100’s of dishes to choose from, and about 100+ upgrade options for your kitchen appliances.

  • Developer: Nordcurrent
  • Release Date: 17 November 2015
  • Platform: Microsoft Store, Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Games like Overcooked 2 for Mobile

6. My Cafe – Restaurant Game

Heading over to the Overcooked 2 alternatives for mobile, we start the list with My Cafe – Restaurant Game. You begin by starting your coffee shop by customizing it, hiring staff, and also setting up various dishes that will be served to the customers along with the price.

Games like Overcooked 2

The game revolves around the management simulation kinds. It follows all elements that any restaurant management game usually has. This game has a ton of levels and an interesting storyline that will keep you coming back to the game every time. This is a free-to-play game with some in-app purchases to buy additional items. The game has a rating of 4.5 stars on the PlayStore

  • Developer: Melsoft
  • Release Date: 25 May 2016
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

7. Selera Nusantara Chef Restaurant Cooking Games

This is a game that you probably might have not heard of. The game makes its appearance on games like Overcooked 2 list due to various reasons. It’s free to play and has a good rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. Well, if you are someone who loves to explore dishes from around the world in a game, this is the game to download.

Games like Overcooked 2

It has a variety of cuisines from Indonesia. While you prepare your dishes, there will be many skills that you will have to upgrade which in turn will provide various combos to help you level up your characters level.

  • Developer: Gambir Game Studio
  • Release date: 16 August 2021
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

8. Food Truck Chef Cooking Games

Enough of playing restaurant-based games. Take a look at the life of a person who owns a food truck. Yes, this game revolves around you setting up and managing your food truck. Since you own a food truck, you will always be on the move to different places and setting up your shop.

Games like Overcooked 2

There are over 700 dishes for you to choose and prepare along with skill boosters for your character to prepare the food. Also, you will be invited to food carnivals where you can showcase your dishes and styles and even battle out against other food trucks and win the competition. Weekly rewards and events are helpful as they let you earn various stars and points.

  • Developer: Nukebox Studios
  • Release Date: 11 August 2017
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

9. SpongeBob: Krusty Cook Off

Ah, a game for the SpongeBob fans out there in the wild which is also similar to Overcooked 2. Wondered what it might ever feel like to work for Mr. Crabs restaurant at Bikini Bottom. Here is your chance to experience all of it right away.

Games like Overcooked 2

You play as SpongeBob, the best KrabyPatty Fryer in Bikini Bottom. You will also have to attend and serve to the guests who show up at the restaurant. It also lets you customize restaurant as well as take part in various limited-time fun events where you will be able to unlock a variety of items. This is a fun-filled free game for you to enjoy if you are a fan of SpongeBob and others.

  • Developer: Tilting Point
  • Release Date: 12 May 2020
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

10. Sushi Bar Idle

We end the games like Overcooked 2 list with a game that lets you prepare Japanese dishes and manage a Japanese restaurant. This is a fun little mobile game that has a top-down view and simple yet minimalistic graphics.

Games like Overcooked 2

Your main aim is to be the restaurant manager and host the best sushi bar in town. As you play along and increase your levels. More chefs will get unlocked and you get more power-up points that can be used to increase your earnings from the bar right away. 

  • Developer: Green Panda Games
  • Release Date: 25 January 2015
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)


These are the best alternatives to Overcooked 2 that you can play on PC and Mobile. Sure they might be a bit different here and there, but overall, they have the same kind of elements that most restaurant and cooking-based games have. If you didn’t see your favorite cooking or restaurant game in this list do let us know about them in the comment section.

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