10 Online Virtual World Games Like Animal Jam

Do you like playing Multiplayer Online Games like Animal Jam? If yes then here are some games similar to Animal Jam. Animal Jam is an addictive MMO Games and one of the fastest growing games for children.

It is a highly recommended game for children because it is an educational game with lots of fun. From the game, children can learn about various pets and animal and zoology. The game has won best App for Kids award in 2017 by Google Play. The game is full of adventure and learning environment. So if you are looking for a game for children then Animal Jam is the best. Here you will find a list of games which are recommended for people looking for multiplayer games.

Games like Animal Jam


Roblox is a platform where users can create multiplayer online games. The designing and creation of games are easy in Roblox. It allows users to make games like Minecraft with lego-like structure.

It’s not just a platform for creating games but also it is a game hub. In Roblox users can play games from a large variety of games. It let users connect with friends and also provide chat interface to message between friends. We can play with any of friends who are online. You can customize your character with Robux which you can buy or earn by playing games. In Robux you have to tap on the game which you want to play and then tap on Play. That’s it the game will open and you can enjoy your games.

  • Genre – Game Engine, MMO
  • Platform – Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Xbox  One, Oculus Rift

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It is a Wildlife simulation game developed by Minnesota Zoo and Eduweb. WolfQuest is a classic game with 3D graphics. The game is full of adventure where the user will be playing the role of a wolf.

Users have to go through the journey of a grey wolf where they have to hunt in the wild. A player can also form a group of Wolf and then play the game. It makes easy to survive and hunt. The game is a lot like Animal Jam. In this game, the user will learn about the life of a Wolf. Also, Soon WolfQuest 3 is going to release with many new features. The game can be played as both Single Player and Multiplayer.

  • Genre – Life Simulation
  • Platform – Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS

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Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Sim

Happy pet Story is a game from Happy Labs. It is a simulation game where users have to raise pets. You will find it very interesting and full of fun. The game is available for Android and iOS Platforms.

In the game, the user can customize the pet at the start and then raise the pet. The user will have to feed, dress up and take care of the pet. The game has many mini-games to earn coins. Also, users can collect coins from Plant and harvesting crops. Along with taking care of pets users have to also decorate home and upgrade their town. Users can also visit their friends base. The game is similar to Animal Jam based on Animals.

  • Genre – Simulation
  • Platform – Android, iOS

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Poptropica is an MMORPG game StoryArc Media and SandBox Networks. It is an online game which you can directly play on any browser. For this game to run the browser needs to have Adobe flash player.

Games Like Animal Jam

The games have numbers of islands where players can visit and play multiplayer games. Also, it provides a chat option to chat with other players. The game is very much similar to Animal Jam and it deserves to be in the list games like Animal Jam.

  • Genre – Adventure, Educational
  • Platform – PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, iOS

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Neopets is a website where you can own a virtual pet. It also has many games that user can play with the virtual pet. The game uses a virtual currency called Neopoints to make sell and purchase.

Games Like Animal Jam

Users can buy virtual items with Neopoints and Neocash (available through purchase from real money). So basically in the game users have to purchase pets and take care of them. There are many varieties of Pets available to buy. the game takes place in Neopia which is a virtual world. Users have to explore this virtual world with their pets.

  • Genre – Fantasy, Digital Pets
  • Platform – Cross Platform

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Transformice is a game based on mouse and cheese. It is an Online multiplayer video game by Atelier 801. The game can be played on any browser and it is also available on Steam.

In the game, the main objective is to collect the piece of cheese from a play arena (Map). So to get the cheese the player has to control the mouse and have to go through many obstacles to get the cheese. After collecting the piece of cheese player will have to take the mouse to its home and finish cheese.

  • Genre – Platform Game
  • Platform – Cross Platform

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Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt

Moshi Monsters is an Action & Adventure game by Mind candy Ltd. The game is all about catching and hatching Moshling as much as you can. Along with it, the game has many puzzles and mini-games to complete.

games like animal jam

In the game, users can catch and hatch Moshlings and then take care of Moshlings. Users can hatch ultra rare Moshlings using special golden spoons. This game is one of the best games like Animal Jam.

  • Genre – Action, Adventure
  • Platform – Android, iOS

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My Virtual Pet Shop

As the name suggests it is a Virtual pet shop game, where users have to manage the shop. Users have to take care of pets and feed, dress up, wash, play to maximize happiness.

games like Animal Jam

Happiness will attract more clients to buy pets from the store. Users need to sell their pets and receive payments. Payments can be used to decorate and purchase necessary items. Along with it the game also has a collection of mini-games. Are you liking games like Animal Jam?

  • Genre – Simulation
  • Platform – Android

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PetWorld: My animal shelter

PetWorld is a 3D Simulation game by Tivola. The game has various collections of animals of different breeds like goats, birds, hamsters, reptiles, squirrel, etc.

Like other game, users have to take care of animals in the game. From the game, users can learn about most of the animals. The main goal for the user is that take care of animals and sell them to the right owners.

  • Genre – Simulation
  • Platform – Android, iOS

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PetHotel – My animal boarding

PetHotel is a Simulation game by Tivola. In the game, users will be provided with a Hotel and some pets. And users have to take care of all of their pets.

Feed the pets, Wash them, fulfill their needs and complete the quests and gain money. The money can be used to upgrade hotels and to buy items for pets. New pets will unlock with the upgrade of hotel and level up.

  • Genre – Simulation
  • Platform – Android, iOS

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  • Club Penguin – Discontinued.
  • Pixie Hollow – Discontinued.
  • Fantage – Discontinued.
  • Pet Society – Discontinued.

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So This was the list of best games like Animal Jam. At last, I will say that go for Roblox because it is available for many platforms and In Roblox, you can play thousands of games. If you want to play games like Animal Jam in Android and iOS Try Moshi Monsters and Happy Pet Story. You can also try other games too.

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