Forza Horizon 5 Players Houses List, Locations, Prices, and Rewards

Forza Horizon 5 is making great progress and fans have already seemed to like how the game is in terms of graphics, events, and everything else. Players are now able to purchase houses in the game with the Credits that they earn from wheelspins, events, races, and other challenges. This was a new feature that was introduced in Forza Horizon 4 and has now made its way to Forza Horizon 5.

Players can now buy 7 houses in the game where they can use it to upgrade their cars and even customize their characters. Let’s take a look at the locations of all 7 player houses.

Just like how you would be required to complete some events or expeditions in Forza Horizon 4 to unlock houses, the same can be said for Forza Horizon 5. A few houses upon unlocking them will even grant you wheelspin as well as a barn find. Nothing sounds better than being able to unlock a barn find as soon as you purchase a house. What else can you use the houses for? Well, you can use it as a meeting place for all your friends to meet up or simply use it as a prop to take nice pictures within the game itself. Anyways, let’s dive right into all the 7 houses, their locations, and prices in the new Forza Horizon 5 game.

Forza Horizon 5 Player Houses, Location, Prices, and Rewards

House #1 Casa Bella

Forza Horizon 5 Players Houses
Casa Bella

The first house that you will get in Forza Horizon 5 is free. I mean you need to have something given at the start of the game, right? This first house is in the town of Mulegé, which is easy to find because as soon as you complete the starting events and races, you will automatically be shown about the house as well as the path to get over to the house. It’s a simple little pink house but does great as a first house.

House #2 La Casa Solariega

Forza Horizon 5 Players Houses
La Casa Solariega

This is the second house on the list and, it is a big one at that. Now, if you have the ultimate edition of the game, then you will be having the VIP pass. With the VIP Pass, you will be able to unlock this house for free. For those that do not have the VIP Pass, the house will cost you 1.5 million credits. The house is situated in Teotihuacan and purchasing it will reward you with 5 Super Wheelspins, a Greek Crown (accessories for character), as well as Forzathon double points, boost.

House #3 Lugar Tranquilo

Forza Horizon 5 Players Houses
Lugar Tranquilo

Just like the second house on this list, Lugar Tranquilo is a part of the Forza Horizon Welcome Pack. What this means is that if you have the premium edition of the game, you can claim this house for free. If not, the house will cost you 700,000 credits. The new house is available in the city of Playa Azul. Once you purchase this house, you get rewards such as the Horizon Promo (an event where you can take photographs of cars), Take a Picture text, and single wheelspin. Apart from all of this, your new house gets a nice mural on one of its walls.

House #4 Buenas Vistas

Forza Horizon 5 Players Houses
Buenas Vistas

Located near the west coast and the city of Cabo San Lucas, this is a massive property that will also cost you a lot. The property sits at a cool 2,000,000 credits. Sure, it is quite an expensive property to purchase, but I’m sure everyone will be able to get it once they can rack up a lot of credits on completing a ton of events and races. Once you own this house, the fast travel feature gets unlocked and you are gifted with 2 super wheelspins to enjoy.

House #5 La Cabana

Forza Horizon 5 Players Houses
La Cabana

Here is a house that is cheap and easy to buy. Well, for starters, it will only cost you 150,000 Credits and is right next to the coast. What is good about this house is the rewards that you get from it. Of course, you will earn super wheelspin, but you will also unlock a barn find. Yes, you get to own one of the old classic cars and it is worth spending those credits to purchase this house.

House #6 Hotel Castillo

Forza Horizon 5 Players Houses
Hotel Castillo

If you have played Forza Horizon 4, you might remember the Edinburgh Castle player house. Yes, Hotel Castillo is a huge property and, it does come at a huge cost. This ginormous property will cost you 5,000,000 credits and is the most expensive property in the whole game. This house is located in Guanajuato. Apart from that, you are also rewarded with 2 super wheelspins as well as a wheelspin every day from the day you purchase this mega property.

House #7 Buena Esperanza

Forza Horizon 5 Players Houses
Buena Esperanza

The last house for you to purchase in Forza Horizon 5 is the Buena Esperanza. It is located in the rain forest regions of Gran Pantano and will cost you 700,000 credits. The house is located in a picturesque location and you might end up taking tons of pictures with your cars at this house. The rewards that you learn from purchasing this house are also quite good. You earn the usual super wheelspin, followed by a chicken suit costume that you can make your character wear, and finally, you receive the #185 Porsche 959.


We come to an end of the list of all player houses in Forza Horizon 5. Have you purchased any of the houses or for that matter all of the houses? Which one of the houses is your favorite and why? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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