[Public Release of Windows 11 ISO now available] How to download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft [Official]

It’s been two months since we got to see Windows 11 Insider Builds. Windows 11 is everything new in terms of performance as well as its user interface. It’s now more suited to work perfectly on touch screen devices. Microsoft themselves have stated that this is the best version of Windows to have ever been released. While all those who missed out on joining the Windows Insider Preview Dev channel or for that matter even the beta channel have some good news finally. Let’s take a look at how to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft officially.

As time flew by, even insiders on the Beta channel finally got to experience the wonderful world of Windows 11. However, there was no ISO for Windows 11 released even with the Beta channel going live. Yes, the system requirements to run Windows 11 are still questionable, as there are a lot of people who’ve managed to get Windows 11 running on systems that don’t meet all of its requirements. Now, everyone who has a system that meets Windows 11 requirements or just wants to simply experience Windows 11 can finally get their hands on it. Read on to know how to download Windows 11 official ISO from Microsoft website.

Note: Microsoft has officially released the ISO for Dev Channel as well. You can download it using the same method.

Download Official Windows 11 ISO File

The ISO file for Windows 11 is officially available from Microsoft. What can you do with this ISO? Well, you can simply install it as an update from Windows 10 or you could choose to clean install it. You have the freedom of choice in choosing how you wish to install Windows 11. Follow these steps to download Windows 11 official ISO Insider Preview build.

Note: Windows 11 stable build is now available and so is the ISO. Here you can check the ISO of the stable build.

  1. First things first, you will have to visit the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page.
  2. Now, scroll down till you find the title Select Edition.
    download windows 11 iso file
  3. You will see a drop-down menu. Select it and choose the type of Windows 11 Insider Builder build and channel type.
  4. Click on the blue Confirm button.
  5. Select the product language from the next drop-down list.
    download windows 11 iso file
  6. With two of the main things selected, you will now get a button that says 64-bit download.
  7. On clicking the download button, you will now be able to download the ISO file.
    download windows 11 iso file
  8. The ISO file weighs in at 5.1 GB which contains the Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22000.132.
  9. Do note that the download links will be valid for 24 hours only. If you want to download the Windows 11 ISO file again, you will have to repeat the above steps.

How to Install Official Windows 11 ISO [Insider 22000.132]

With the Windows 11 ISO file downloaded, it is time for you to install Windows 11. There are two ways you follow to install. You can clean install the update or simply do an in-place upgrade.

Install Windows 11 as an in-place upgrade

If you wish to keep all your files, apps, and software you can use this method. You do not have to worry about any of your data getting deleted or missing. The only thing that will change is the Operating System from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Here is how you can perform an in-place upgrade easily.

  1. Select the Windows 11 ISO file that you just downloaded and right-click it.
  2. From the context menu select Mount.
    download windows 11 iso file
  3. You will now see a new drive when you open up the File Explorer.
    download windows 11 iso file
  4. Open the image file and double-click on the Setup.exe file.
    download windows 11 iso file
  5. You will now begin the installation of Windows 11. Make sure to select the Keep Windows files, apps, and settings option.
    download windows 11 iso file
  6. The Setup will now guide you through the new out-of-the-box setup experience where you will be able to select the version of Windows 11, followed by language, region, and keyboard layout.
    download windows 11 iso file
  7. You will also be asked to sign in or create a Microsoft account as well.
  8. Depending on your System, the installation should take around between 30 minutes to an hour.
  9. When the installation is complete the system will restart and boot you into Windows 11.

Install Windows 11 as a clean install

By using this method, you will be deleting all your data, personal files, apps, and programs that have been installed on your system. With the Windows 11 ISO file downloaded, you will have to create a bootable USB drive. To do that, you can simply follow this guide to create a bootable Windows 11 USB drive.

Windows 11 Features

So far there has been 7 Windows 11 Insider preview builds that have been released since June 2021. Here is a list of all the new features of Windows 11 that you will be experiencing if it is going to be your first time installing the Windows 11 Insider Preview.

  • New Start Menu, icons, and placement of the Start button, which by default is in the middle.
  • Rounded Corners that make the OS feel more modern.
  • There is a new Context Menu when you right-click on the desktop or inside any folder.
  • Much better colorful icons, along with pleasing sounding Startup sounds and other notification and warning sounds.
  • Newly designed Notification Center and taskbar icons.
  • Aesthetically pleasing wallpapers and themes along with a revamped Settings app.
  • Revamped File Explorer with colorful icons.
  • New Snap layouts, Snap Groups as well as a new Widgets Panel.
  • Get access to the GIF panel by pressing Win+ or Win+V.
  • Updated taskbar previews as well as revamped multiple desktop mode.
  • Microsoft Store receives refreshed loo and is now faster.
  • Microsoft Teams as a feature in the latest Windows 11 Insider builds.
  • All new Windows 11 Snipping tool is finally available.
  • Calendar, Mail, and Calculator apps have been updated and come with a fresh Windows 11 look with Dark Mode support.

Update October 5th: Windows 11 Official ISO Available Now

Windows 11 has finally been released to the public! You can now download the official ISO file from the Microsoft Website. Make sure to select the right language for your system.


So, there you have it! The Windows 11 ISO file is now available to download and install on your systems. Since these are preview builds you will come across bugs, stability issues, and even the Green Screen of Death. Also, while downloading the ISO, you can download the Beta channel Windows 11 Insider Preview, as these are more stable than the builds for the Dev Channel.

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