Top 10 Most Wanted PS4 Racing Games (2020)

PS4 is all about games and games, so if you have tried PS4 I can bet that you definitely liked it. And if you are looking for PS4 Racing games then you are in the right place. I don’t know how to show my addiction to racing games, but I can definitely share my best ps4 racing games collection with you. These are my favorite Racing games of all time.

The PS4 platform has many games on the list, Alone the racing genre has more than a hundred games. So it is a challenge to find out the best racing games that are great in graphics, gameplay, and story.

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Recently E3 2019 was held and there were many games announced. Trials Rising and Forza Horizon 4 was announced. I was hoping to get more racing games at E3 but only two games were mentioned. But still, we have many Racing games to play. So let’s jump to the list of PS4 Racing games that you should play before the PS5 launch. We have rumors that PS5 will soon be going to launch. The prices mentioned in the post may not accurate so take a look at the original price by visiting their official pages.

Top 10 PS4 Racing Games

1. The Crew 2

The Crew 2 from Ubisoft Entertainment is the most hyped Racing Games of all time. It is really great fun to play all types of racing in just a single game. If you have heard about The Crew 2, then you know that we can switch between different racing transport as Cars, Boats, Bikes, and planes. The game looks very realistic with amazing graphics.

It is an open world game which maps the United State. So go on with this game and explore the united states from your home. The game will be available for everyone in the June end. It also has two different bundles Gold and Delux Edition. There is also an Open Beta version available to test out the game for free.

Price – $60 (Normal), $70(Delux), $100(Gold)

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2. Moto GP 18

Moto GP 18 from Milestone is a game based on the Red Bull Moto GP championship. The first Moto GP game was released in 2001 by a different publisher. Since then the game has evolved in a realistic Racing Game. Go and become a Red Bull Moto GP champion starting from the Rookie cup.

The game has 19 different and awesome tracks available according to tournaments. Play live with your friends and win from racers around the world. Customize your Bike according to yourself and win the tournaments in immersive tracks.

Price – $50

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MX GP Pro from Milestone is the biggest Motocross game ever. So if you like motocross racing or off-road racing games then this is the best choice for PS4 users. I can say that it is one of the best PS4 racing games. MX GP Pro is available as a beta to test the game. And the game will be available from June 29 for all the users.

The game has 19 official tracks including all the tracks from the 2017 season. Also, a new training mode is available with new challenges and activities. We can customize our bikes and characters as we want. And the game has better graphics than MX GP 3. S if you are playing MX GP 3 then change it to MX GP Pro.

Price – €70

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4. DIRT 4

DIRT 4 from Codemasters is an interesting Off-road car racing game. It is like MX GP except we drive the car to race in off-road. This game is really great with amazing race cars, buggy, truck and many other varieties of racing vehicles. Also, games have many championship modes along with tracks from all over the world.

The player can customize their characters manually. If you like playing bounty then get to this game and crush other cars and win by claiming the first position. DIRT 4 is a very addictive racing game with stunning graphics. So if you want to experience an ultimate Off-road car racing game than DIRT 4 is the best choice.

Price – $39

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5. Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback is a well known and famous racing game from EA Inc. I think most of the gamer has played at least one of the Need for Speed game. It is widely known as NFS and it covered most of the racing game fans. I like playing NFS games on my PC and PS4 both. The name payback tells it is about vengeance. The story is more likely in the underworld where a racing team divided by betrayal and then they again team up and takes revenge.

NFS Payback has intense graphics and gameplay. The game also runs online to play with a player from all over the world. The game has a large collection of cars and their varieties. Also, the game consists of many tracks with different weather conditions.

Price – $24

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6. F1 2017

F1 2017 is a Formula One racing game of the year 2017 from Codemasters Inc. Soon we are also expecting the release of F1 2018. In the game, Win the 2017 F1 world championship with the most iconic F1 cars. The game comes with online and offline game carrier mode.

F1 2017 provides a thrilling F1 Race experience with realistic graphics and amazing gameplay. Play according to the fixtures of the championship and defeat your rivals.

Price – $39

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7. Moto Racer 4

Moto Racer 4 is one of the PS4 racing games from ANUMAN INTERACTIVE. It has got everything to be on this list. The game is interesting and addictive because of it’s VR features. The game will let experience many freestyles and many other stunts during the race. So dominate the race by coming in the first place and defeating others.

There is also a Delux edition available for this game. Like other racing games, it also let customize and upgrade and gear up your bike. And go to track with other racers and be the winner by finishing the race at first position.

Price – $40

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8. WRC 7

World Rally Championship 7 is a Racing game based on World Rally Championship 2017. It has full fixtures same as WRC 2017. The games consist of 13 FIA WRC rallies and 52 special stages.

WRC 2017 has some new features like new online challenges every week and local split-screen multiplayer. Compete in Multiplayer mode with players from all over the world.

Price – $25

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9. Drive Club

Drive Club is an amazing Racing game from Sony Interactive Entertainment. The games have a single player mode and also a multiplayer mode where you can team up with your friends online and complete challenges. The game consists of tracks from Canada, UK, and India.

Collect cars that you think fast enough to get you in the first place and upgrade them. Dominate in the race and become champion.

Price – $8

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10. Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is one of the best PS4 racing games from Sony Interactive Entertainment. It gives a futuristic racing game experience with amazing cars and tracks from many countries.

The game consists of more than 150 cars to purchase and play. Try racing in different types of roads from 18 locations. Customize and upgrade your cars to overcome any type of challenge.

Price – $30

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