Android 15 beta to launch in April, Full timeline inside

Google is now gearing up to test and get Android 15 ready for its official release. However, there is a timeline that Google follows when it comes to testing out its upcoming Android operating system. The timeline includes testing builds that users can use to experience the upcoming update early. With Google just releasing the Developer Preview 1 for Android 15 for its Pixel lineup, everyone is hyped up about Android 15.

If you are an Android smartphone user and are interested in knowing the release schedule or timeline of Android 15, you’ve come to the right place.

Android 15 Roadmap

Before we dig into the release timeline for Android 15, you need to know that there are three main phases that the operating system follows. You have the Developer Preview, the Beta version, and then finally the stable release.

Android 15 Release Timeline

Android 15 Developer Previews

As we have seen with the previous release of Android 14, at the beginning two developer preview ISOs were made for Google’s Pixel lineup. The first developer preview has already been released on the 16th of February, 2024. This is the beginning of Android 15 where you can test out the new OS. But, be informed that this will be a build that can be unstable and will be having various issues. So install it with caution.

In March, we will be getting the second developer preview for Android 15. That will be available as an OTA update for those devices that are currently running on the developer preview 1 release of Android 15. Once the two developer previews of Android 15 have been released, the beta version of Android 15 is ready to roll out.

Android 15 Beta Releases

Google will begin testing out the beta version of Android 15 in April. The beta releases can go on until July or sometimes even in August. There are 4 beta releases with each one being released every month. The first two betas for Android 15 that will be released in April and May will be for those who would like to be early adopters of the OS. These builds are still being tested out and can have some bugs or issues.

From Android 15 beta 3 onward you can expect Google to be bringing in platform stability for its builds. Yes, Beta 3 and Beta 4 will be quite stable as these are the final versions of Android 15’s testing before the big release. These two betas will be released in June and July. This is where the new features that will be introduced at Google’s I/O event will be made available on Android 15.

During the beta releases of Android 15, you will see several phone manufacturers release the beta version of Android 15 to a select number of devices that have been recently released. In this way, Android smartphones apart from just the Google Pixel lineup will also be able to get a taste of Android 15 right away.

Android 15 Final Release

The final stable build of Android 15 will be released somewhere in September or October. During this time, we also are getting to see Google’s new Pixel devices be released with Android 15 out of the box. Soon after, we will be seeing other device manufacturers rolling out the stable version of Android 15 to devices that are guaranteed for the new update.

Once the stable version of Android 15 is released, you will soon be seeing monthly security updates made available for your devices. Pixel devices will however get a feature drop update wherein you get to enjoy a number of Pixel exclusive features that may or may not be made available to other android smartphones at a later date. Other OEMs will be able to replicate the feature and release it as an update for their own devices in the future.

Well, this concludes everything you need to know about the release schedule for Android 15 for 2024. Yes, the new operating system for Android smartphones will be getting interesting new features, privacy and security upgrades as well as a wider availability on many other OEMs out there. Are you excited for Android 15 and the new things it is expected to bring to the table? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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