WRC Generations: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, System Requirements and More

Rally games have been around for a while. There’s a lot of fun when you are racing against the clocks across various kinds of routes. This year, in 2022, there’s a new rally game that is expected to bring in a lot of changes as compared to previous rally games that have been released. We are talking about WRC Generations. So, buckle up, and here is everything you need to know about WRC Generations release date, trailer, gameplay, and other information.

WRC Generations Release Date

WRC Generations was announced in May of 2022. You can watch the announcement trailer over here. The new WRC game is now slated for a November 3, 2022 release date as seen on Steam. However, on the game’s PlayStation Store page, we get to see an October 3, 2022 release date.

WRC Generations Release Date

WRC Generations: Developer and Publisher

WRC Generation is being developed by KT Racing and will be published by Nacon. The same brain team behind the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown game. KT Racing has a large number of WRC games under their belt, such as WRC 10 and TT Isle of Man just to name a few. Nacon, on the other hand, has published popular games like Pro Cycling Manager 2022, Tour De France 2022, Cricket 22, and Rugby 22. Given that the team has been putting out several WRC games, one can expect a lot of improvements in various elements for WRC Generations.

WRC Generations Trailer

The official announcement trailer for WRC Generations shows off the different environments where you will be rallying around. It also talks of the new Swedish Rally environment as well as a new Multiplayer League Mode. This time WRC introduces hybrid rally cars from Hyundai, which you can drive in and compete. No rally game is complete without having legendary old-timer rally vehicles from the early years.

WRC Generations Gameplay

Let’s take a look at the gameplay you can expect from WRC Generations. First off, we can expect this game to stay around for a long time. Whether it’s in the form of quality of life updates, new content updates, or anything that can be done to keep them alive for a good number of years. Let’s talk about the two new rally stages for the game.

Rally Japan Gameplay

Nacon recently revealed footage of the Japan stage with famous Japanese rally driver Takamoto Katsuka. The video shows you Takamoto rally racing through the Japan stage. You can see from the footage the graphics, the car audio as well as the co-driver giving you instructions right away. When you take a look at HUD, you can see the speedometer on the bottom right along with the gear number. At the top center of the screen, you will be shown arrow directions and any warnings while rallying through the stage. Check out the Japan Stage gameplay over here.

WRC Generations Gameplay

Rally Sweden Gameplay

The Swedish stages are the new entries in the WRC game. This time we get to see the Swedish stage with Swedish rally driver Oliver Solberg. He talks us through the snow-covered stage in Sweden and also talks about how realistic the stage as well as the cars are in the game. Given that this is a new stage in the series, we can expect a lot of people out there to try their best to master this stage and maybe even beat the lap time that might be set. Watch Oliver Solberg’s Swedish stage over here.

Apart from the new Swedish stage, the game has a total of 750 km of driveable roads spread across 22 countries. Just like how the real 2022 season had the rally teams, the game has a total of 49 teams from Rally1, Rally 2, and Junior Rally categories. You can drive through 165 timed stages meaning you could try your best to beat the times. With the Hybrid vehicles added to WRC Generations, you will also have to manage your vehicle’s battery in every stage you take part in by mapping and tuning your engine correctly.

WRC Generations: Multiplayer

You can now challenge your friends online thanks to the Leagues mode. In this mode you can your friends can set up various stage times and try to beat each other with their own fastest laps. The online Co-Op and Online PvP modes in this game will make rally racing with friends fun and challenging. The game also supports controller input if you might be playing the game on your PC.

WRC Generations System Requirements

While it’s great to be seeing a new WRC game that includes hybrid cars and redesigned stages, it’s equally important to know the system requirements for the game. The problem now is the developers haven’t revealed the system requirements for the game. However, we can expect this info to be released before the console release of WRC Generations.

WRC Generations System Requirements

WRC Generations: Platforms

WRC Generations can be played across various platforms. The game can be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Xbox fans will also get a taste of the new WRC game on the Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X|S PC gamers will be able to purchase the game via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Final Thoughts

Overall a great WRC rally game that aims to bring in the new hybrid vehicles as well as better game mechanics as compared to previous WRC titles. This is also the first time we get to a WRC game without a number in the title indicating that the developers might keep the game as a live service. However, we can’t be sure what happens and only time will tell when we get to see new content, cars, and DLCs that might drop into the game through its years. To conclude, the game is very interesting, and I can’t wait to get my hands on WRC Generations.

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