Ashutosh Singh

What’s new in iOS 16.3 - Every new feature

Jan 24, 2023

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Yesterday, Apple released the iOS 16.3 update to the public. It is available for iPhone 8 and newer.

iOS 16.3 comes with many new features and enhancements. Here are the new features that come in the iOS 16.3 update.

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To honor the Black history and culture in celebration of Black History Month, Apple brings new Unity Wallpaper with iOS 16.3.

New Wallpapers

With iOS 16.3 users can assign physical devices as security keys as part of the two factor authentication to sign in.

Security Keys for Apple ID

This feature has been available prior to iOS 16.3, but in limited regions. With the latest update, its availability expands to more regions.

Advanced Data Protection

Apple has recently launched its new big 2nd gen HomePod. The new build brings support for the new HomePod.

Support for 2nd gen HomePod

Now you have to hold the side button along with volume up or down button and releasing in that order will trigger Emergency SOS.

New way for Emergency SOS Calls

iOS 16.3 fixes many issues such as bugs in Freeform, temporary horizontal line, wallpaper goes black in lock screen and more.

Bunch of Bug Fixes

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iOS 16.3 RC has a lot of issues, and so the public build may have similar bugs so be sure to wait before upgrading to iOS 16.3.

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