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Should you install iOS 16.2 on your iPhone?

Dec 14, 2022

After months of testing, Apple finally releases iOS 16.2 Update to the Public. It is available for iPhone 8 and newer.

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Here we will list the important points that will help you decide whether you should update your iPhone to iOS 16.2 or not.

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iOS 16.2 is the last update of the year for iPhone users. It comes with many new features that makes it a good update.

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It is a karaoke like feature that allows users to sing along to their favorite songs by adjusting vocals. Available for iPhone 11 and above.

Apple Music Sing

The new iOS 16.2 update brings 5G support to iPhones in India. So if you are from India, you can change it in Mobile Data Settings.

5G Support in India

iOS 16.2 brings end to end encryption to iCloud data. iCloud data will only be decrypted on trusted devices.

Advanced Data Protection

New toggles allows users to remove wallpaper and Notifications from AOD. Some users have bugs and seeing only lock icon but not time in Dynamic Island.

New AOD options

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These are some important features of this new update. You can check all the changes on this page.

Now coming to experience, I found a stutter while opening some apps on my iPhone 12 after the update. But now it's working without any issues.

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Since the update was released only yesterday, checking battery performance can take time. But as per some early reviews it is good.

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iOS 16.2 brings some cool features without any major bugs. Also, it comes with security updates including iCloud end to end encryption.

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You may find some minor bugs or may be not depending on the device. But I haven’t encounter any issue on my device yet.

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