Overcooked! 2 and Hell is other demon goes free


Epic Games Store is back with another set of free games for you to try this week. There are two games going free this time.

IMG: Team 17

Overcooked! 2 - Initial pricing

The base game costs $24.99 on Epic Games as well as Steam.

IMG: Team 17

Hell is other demons - Initial pricing

The game’s initial price on Epic Games is around $8.99 and on Steam it retails at $9.99.

IMG: Hell is other demons

Sale Date

Both games are on sale at a 100% discount from the 17th of June and will continue till the 24th of June 2021.

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Claim Offer

Visit Epic Games Store, search game name and then claim the offer.

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You can claim the offer from both browser or Epic Games Store client.

IMG: Team 17