Ashutosh Singh

Top Intriguing Features of iOS 17

June 8, 2023

Apple has finally announced iOS 17. iOS 17 is not just a regular major update; it brings a plethora of useful features.

Here are some of the top features of iOS 17 that will make you eager to upgrade as soon as it becomes available.

The iPhone display can now function as a smart home display when placed horizontally during charging. The widgets options are extensive.


Now you can customize contact poster for contacts. And these posters will appear when you will receive a call from them. You can use image, memoji, color etc.

Contact Poster

iOS 17 brings the ability to interact with widgets without opening the app. You can use the play/pause button for music, control home accessories, and more.

Interactive Widgets

Users will be able to swap numbers when the iPhone is placed near another iPhone or Apple Watch. You'll be able to customize what you want to share.


Putting the two iPhones together will start a SharePlay session. It lets you watch content, listen to music, play games in sync, and much more.

Initiate SharePlay

This is a new app from Apple coming to iPhones and iPad. You can capture your memories with images, music, description in the Journal app to revisit later.

Journal app

iOS 17 brings even better autocorrect. The underline will appear in autocorrected word and you can revert it by tapping on the text.

Keyboard Changes

The new update brings the ability to download Maps for offline Use. You can get turn-by-turn directions for driving, walking, cycling, or riding transit.

Offline Maps

On Safari, OTP codes that you will receive in Mail will be filled automatically, which let you login without leaving the Safari browser.

Autofill OTPs in Safari

That's not all, iOS 17 comes with a flurry of new features, swipe up to check more amazing features.