Ashutosh Singh

Top Intriguing Features of Android 14

Oct 7, 2023

IMG: Google

After a long wait, Google released the official Android 14 for Pixel phones in the first week of October.

IMG of Android 13: Unsplash

If you are an Android user and want to know best features of Android 14, check out the complete story.

With new customization picker, you can easily select the best combination of clock and other widgets by browsing them in slider view.

Lock Screen Customization

Pixel 8 owners can use Generative AI wallpapers to create some stunning personalized wallpapers.

Generative AI Wallpapers

Now you can use passkey like fingerprint to login third party apps and websites. The passkeys are stored in your device making your credential secure.

Use Passkeys to Login

If you like simple and clean look, nothing is better than Monochrome. In Android 14 you can easily switch to Monochrome Theme.

Monochrome Themes

Android 14 comes with a different and unique easter egg which includes a basic space game. You can find new easter egg using the linked guide.

New Easter Egg

If you like to set bigger fonts on your phone, Android 14 now allows scaling font size to 200%.

Bigger Font

Now you can store all your health data at one place with Android 14’s Health Connect. The feature is available in Privacy Settings.

Health Connect

Android 14 handles backgrounds apps well and consumes less power. Screen time since the last full charge option is now available in settings.

Better Battery Life

These are Android 14 features for Pixel phones. Since other OEMs has their own custom skin, some of these features may not be there.