Ashutosh Singh

Should you Install iOS 17 Developer Beta?

June 11, 2023

Last week on June 5, Apple announced the next major iOS version, iOS 17 at the WWDC event.

As usual after announcing the new version, Apple also released its developer beta which is the first build and meant for testing.

The iOS 17 comes with a bunch of big new and exciting features. Some of these are much awaited features.

Given the numerous useful features, it is expected that many users would be eager to try out these new features on their iPhones as soon as possible.

However, since this is the initial build of the recently announced iOS 17, the question arises: should you install it on your phone or not? Let's find out.

Based on my experience, I noticed a significant decrease in battery life after upgrading to iOS 17. Additionally, I encountered some stuttering issues in the user interface.

Some users have also reported minor layout issues, such as a square outline appearing in the Control Center's AirPlay UI, which should not be visible.

This way, even if you encounter bugs, it will not affect your work or daily routine. However, if you rely on your iPhone as your primary device, it is advisable to avoid installing it.

I would recommend the first developer beta only to users who have iPhones as secondary phones or those who have multiple iPhones.

If you are an iPhone user with an eligible iPhone and decide to install it, make sure to take a local backup manually, because on downgrading, iOS 17 backup are not restoring on iOS 16.