Ashutosh Singh

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 renders reveal its full design

May 1, 2023

The next clamshell in the Galaxy Z Flip lineup will be the fifth-generation clamshell, which could be called the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

IMG: Unsplash

Samsung has improved clamshell lineup a lot in last four years. But there is always room for improvements.

The last year's Flip 4 has a large room for improvements and Samsung plans to rectify some of the negative points with the fourth-generation clamshell.

IMG: @Onleaks & MediaPeanut

OnLeaks, a popular leakster recently shared the first 5k renders of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5. These renders confirm the new design.

There have been several leaks in the past and today's renders seem to support the previous leaks and rumours.

IMG: SamMobile

The cover display actually looks like a folder icon. Yes there is a two curve extending cover display next to rear cameras which are placed horizontally.

IMG: @Onleaks & MediaPeanut

As competition is bringing a bigger cover display, Samsung is not going to be behind. Galaxy Z Flip 5 is expected to come with 3.4-inch cover display.

IMG: @Onleaks & MediaPeanut

The fifth gen clamshell will be a little bit thinner and compact compared to the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Check out Fold 5 story in the link.

IMG: @Onleaks & MediaPeanut