Ashutosh Singh

iPhone 16 Pro to have thinnest bezels ever on a smartphone

June 3 2024

The iPhone 16 series is the hot talk on the internet right now. It is expected to launch later this year.

IMG: Unsplash | iPhone 14 Plus

We have already seen a bunch of leak and renders about the upcoming iPhone 16 models.

IMG: Sonny Dickson

The new leak reveals more information about the iPhone 16 Pro model. It is shared by the reliable leaker - UniverseIce and a Chinese source.

IMG: Unsplash | iPhone 14 Pro

This is the post by UniverseIce, “My friend confirmed that iPhone 16 Pro will reduce bezel, surpassing Galaxy S24 to become the world's narrowest bezel mobile phone.”

IMG: Unsplash

As per the leak, iPhone 16 will have the thinnest bezels ever, even narrower than Galaxy S24.

The iPhone 16 Pro will have 1.2mm bezels, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have 1.15mm bezels.

IMG: Unsplash | iPhone 15

In comparison, the bezels on the previous generation iPhone 15 Pro measured 1.71mm.

IMG: Unsplash | iPhone 15

It is going to be interesting to see the iPhone 16 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24 in a side-by-side comparison when launched.