Ashutosh Singh

iPhone 15 Series Battery Capacity Numbers Revealed!

September 14, 2023

Cover Image: iPhone 13

It's been a few days since the official launch of iPhone 15. But like every year, some specs still remain a mystery.

Apple does not disclose the battery capacities of its iPhones. They only reveal estimate battery running time.

MySmartPrice has discovered the battery capacities of iPhone 15 series which is almost identical to iPhone 14 series.

iPhone 14 - 3,279mAh iPhone 14 Plus - 4,325mAh iPhone 14 Pro - 3,200mAh iPhone 14 Pro Max - 4,323mAh

iPhone 14 Battery Capacities

iPhone 15 - 3,349mAh iPhone 15 Plus - 4,383mAh iPhone 15 Pro - 3,274mAh iPhone 15 Pro Max - 4,422mAh

iPhone 15 Battery Capacities

The same database that predicts the battery capacity of the iPhone 15 also correctly predicted the battery capacity of the iPhone 14.

On the Apple website, the approximate battery life for all iPhone models is the same as last year's iPhone 14 series.

This may be because there is only a minor increase. But you will still notice improvement in battery life because of new processor and optimization.