Haneet Singh

iPhone 15 Pro Every Titanium Color - in Photos

September 13, 2023

Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max at the highly anticipated 'Wonderlust' event.

One of the leading highlights of the new Pro iPhones is the aerospace-grade titanium design.

The new iPhone 15 Pro models come in four new titanium colors, here's every new color in the Pro lineup.

Natural Titanium is here to replace the gold color from older Pro models. It still has a golden hue, you'll like this new color.

Natural Titanium

Blue is back! And this looks more elegant than the iPhone 12 Pro's blue, thanks to the matte finish.

Blue Titanium

White Titanium or Silver? Yes, you read it write, this color option has a hue of both Silver and White.

White Titanium

The premium and more classy option is the Black Titanium, perfect for those seeking a long-lasting option.

Black Titanium

Pre-orders for the new iPhones start on September 15, and will be available from September 22.