Ashutosh Singh

How to Use NameDrop on Apple Watch

Oct 27, 2023

NameDrop is one of the best features of iOS 17. It let you share contact cards by just bringing two iPhones together.

The feature is now also available on Apple Watch after the watchOS 10.1 and iOS 17.1 update.

This means you can share contacts between iPhone and Apple Watch or between two watches.

If you have updated to required versions, you can share contacts seamlessly using NameDrop. Here’s how to use NameDrop on Apple Watch.

IMG: Unsplash

First things first, make sure you have Contact Card setup on your iPhone. You can check our detailed guide by swiping up.

On your Apple Watch, add a Contact Card complication to the watch face.

IMG: Unsplash

IMG: Unsplash

Touch and hold the display to edit watch face, swipe right to add complications, select my card complication from Contacts.

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Tap on my card complication to use NameDrop. Bring the watch close to the iPhone to share contacts.