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How to get the original iPhone's Clownfish wallpaper

Last month, Apple unveiled the new version of iOS - iOS 16. One of the key highlights of iOS 16 is the new personalization features.

Video Courtesy: Apple

iOS 16 brings a new way to customize the lock screen with several new wallpapers that were revealed in the first developer beta.

Video Courtesy: Apple

This week with iOS 16 Beta 3, Apple brought back the original clownfish wallpaper from the first iPhone. Here’s how you can get the new wallpaper.

IMG: Apple

There are two easy ways to get access to the original iPhone’s clownfish wallpaper. One by joining the dev channel and second by downloading the wallpaper.

IMG: Unsplash

If you want to try out the dynamic clownfish wallpaper, then you can install the third iOS 16 beta, swipe up to check the installation steps.

Install iOS 16 Beta 3

IMG: Unsplash

You can download the new clownfish wallpapers directly by swiping up this page. It will not work as dynamic wallpaper.

Get the Wallpaper

iOS 16 bundles a big list of cool wallpapers, if you want to download other iOS 16 wallpapers, then check out the linked page.

IMG: Unsplash

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