iOS 14.5: Best Upcoming Features

iOS 14.5 is the next iOS update which is already in the beta phase. And here are some features, after speculation of first three beta.

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Unlock with Apple Watch

In current iOS users need to remove their masks to unlock their iPhones. But with the new iOS 14.5 Update users can unlock their iPhones with Apple Watch.

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Latest Xbox/PlayStation Controller Support

The iOS 14.5 update will come with support for new gaming controllers. It includes the PlayStation Dual Sense Controller and Xbox Series X Controller. This feature is already available in the beta.

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Dual SIM 5G Support

It is another great feature which is coming with iOS 14.5. Users can now use 5G network on both SIMs on supported iPhones. Obviously to use this feature the 5G network must be available in your region.

217 New Emojis

Apple is set to bring 217 new emojis which also includes enhanced Emojis such as syringe.

Apple Maps Crowdsourcing

Another great feature coming to iPhones with iOS 14.5 is Apple Maps crowdsourcing. The new update will allow iPhone users to report road hazards, accidents, and Speed traps.

Apple Music Changes

Apple Music recorded many changes in the layout and features in these three iOS 14.5 Beta updates. It includes album release date, lyrics sharing, and changes in controls.

Set Default Music Player

Apple is also going to add a new feature that lets users set a default music app on iPhone. Users need to ask Siri to play a song or artist and it will prompt a list.

App Tracking

The new App tracking feature on iOS 14.5 will let you control which app can track activity on your iPhone. It will prompt for permission when the activity is used.

Apple Card Family Support

The latest beta makes it even clearer that Apple Card Family Support is coming soon most likely with iOS 14.5. It lets users share the same Apple Cards with other family members through iCloud Family sharing.