All about Windows 11 Leaked ISO


Microsoft is all set for their event on 24 June. And we assume that the whole event will be on the ‘Windows 11’.

Windows 11 Leaked ISO

And about two weeks before the event, Windows 11 leaked iso starts appearing on the web that make the Windows 11 debut claim even stronger.

We also tried the Windows 11 leaked iso and the first thing we have to say is it's great. The new Windows 11 leaked iso comes with major UI overhaul.

Windows 11 Leaked Features

The new Windows 11 iso brings some decent changes starting from the Windows 11 setup. The taskbar icons are now in the center.

Microsoft has finally made tab corners round. Now it is easy to open multitask windows as you want. File Explorer also received some UI changes.

Windows 11 Release

Windows 11 leaked iso only contains some of the changes, so we can expect a lot more after the Windows 11 official release.

Talking about release date, Windows 11 may come just after the Microsoft event on 24th June or at least the beta version.

If you want to try the new Windows 11 leaked iso, you can download it from the web and follow our guide to install Windows 11 leaked iso in VMWare.