Wear OS 3 now support Google Maps navigation without a Phone

Google has been actively announcing various new features for its devices over the past few days. A few days back Google announced the redesigned Android Auto at CES 2023. And now the tech giant has revealed support for turn-by-turn navigation for the Wear OS 3 smartwatches without a phone.

Google announced the new Wear OS 3 Maps feature on its community page. The community post states that Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation works without the need for a phone if the watch is connected to the internet via WiFi or on the LTE enabled watch. Since Wi-Fi will disconnect after a distance limit, LTE is required.

Google Maps navigation on Watch without a phone

This is a much-awaited feature as there are times when we do not want to carry the phone but we need something for navigation. So if you have a Wear OS 3 based LTE watch, you can leave your phone at home and continue your journey using turn-by-turn navigation on your watch. This is going to be helpful when your phone is dead and you still need turn by turn navigation to find a way back home or another destination.

For outdoor activities like running or riding, this is the perfect feature. Just turn on the turn by turn navigation on your smartwatch and leave your phone at home.

To use turn-by-turn navigation on your watch running Wear OS 3, all you need to do is make sure your watch has LTE enabled. Then open Maps on your watch and search for the destination. Now select the mode of transport like walking. The navigation will start and you can follow along. If your phone is paired to your watch and gets disconnected after some distance, navigation will continue on your watch.

Google Maps navigation on Watch without a phone

Wear OS 3 is available for a number of smartwatches, but the three big names are the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and the Google Pixel Watch. So users with LTE watches based on wear OS 3 can enjoy instant turn-by-turn navigation without a phone. And those looking for a new smartwatch should choose an LTE model if their priority is to use Maps without a phone.

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