Ashutosh Singh

How to change Google Pixel Watch bands

Dec 11, 2022

Google released its much-awaited Pixel watch a few months ago with the latest WearOS software.

The Google Pixel Watch comes in a circular design and looks cool due to the exquisitely curved design at the corners.

Since it comes with a different design than other smartwatches, it also has a different mechanism for its straps.

Attaching or detaching the band is quite different on the Pixel Watch, here's an easy way to swap bands.

You need to place the watch upside down. 

Press the Band Release button with finger and while pressing, slide the band over the Band Release button and pull it.

Detach Band

Now press the Band Release button using the band and slide the band to the right. Do the same for other band.

Attach Band

It's a very different system and hard to master without trying. But once you get the hang of attaching and detaching the bands, you'll find it easy.

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