How to Get Apple TV’s 4K Cinematic Screen Savers on your Mac (both Intel & Mac M1)

One of the best things of Apple TV is the Aerial Screen Savers. If you like the Apple TV 4K Cinematic Screen Savers and want to use it on your Mac then you’re at the right place. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial, by which you can get Apple TV’s 4K Cinematic Screen Savers on Mac.

Thanks to the open-source application which we can use on Mac to set Apple TV’s Aerial Screen Savers. Yes, the latest version of Aerial Screen Saver app bags a dozen of Apple TV 4K screen savers, sideloading the app on Mac will allow users to set these dynamic wallpapers aka screen savers on their Mac.

One of the best things about the app is, it’s an open-source and freely available for macOS 10.12 and later. The latest version of the app – 2.3.2 is compatible with both Mac M1 (Apple Silicon) and Intel-based Macs. The application dons slow-motion drone footage shots, fly-over videos, underwater, and video shots from space. You’ll loving using these screensavers on your Mac.

Now let’s dive right into the steps.

How to Setup Apple TV’s Aerial Screen Saver on Mac

Aerial Screen Saver app carries video shots from tvOS 13 and measures around 7MB of download size. The latest app also allows users to customize the screen saver window. The users can now display a customized message, or things like clock, date, location, battery, weather, countdown, and timer.

Here’s how you can choose Apple TV 4K screen saver on your Mac.

At first you need to download Aerial Screen Saver on your Mac, you can grab it freely from Aerial website. After downloading the app, open it and drag the Aerial Companion to Applications.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

Now head over to the launchpad or applications folder and open the Aerial Companion app on your Mac. Since you’re using the app for the first time on your Mac, you need to give a permission to the app, by simply tapping the open button.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

You can now setup Aerial Screen Saver, simply tap on next button a couple of times, you can enable beta releases option, if you want to receive beta updates of the application.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

Once done, Click the Aerial Companion app icon listed in the top menu bar. Now click on Open settings option from the drop-down menu.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

This option will open Desktop & Screen Saver settings page, you can simply select Aerial from Screen Saver section, it will change your Screen Saver to the Aerial Screen Saver (aka Apple TV Screen Saver).

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

Once selected, you can click on Screen Saver options button, this option will allow you to customize the Screen Savers.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

Now you can check all the video shots available in the Aerial Screen Saver application, by default, only a few screen savers are saved, but you can simply download the other videos from the collection.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

You can even add these videos to favorites section, by simply tapping the star icon available in the preview window, it will save the video on local storage.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

After selecting a few videos, you can customize the screen saver window, by opening the Settings section in Aerial Companion app, the icon (gear icon) is listed in the top left corner of the window.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

Now head over to the overlays section, here you can customize the appearance, by enabling or disabling any widget, the list include widgets such as message, clock, date, location, battery, weather, countdown, and timer. The enabled widgets are listed with green colored symbol, while the disable one’s are showing with red colored icon. If you want to enable or disable any widget, then you need to tick mark the check box in enable option.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

That’s it. Now you can simply press the close button, to close the settings section, you can change the screen saver timings if you want, by default you can see screen saver on your Mac after five minutes of idle mode.

how to get apple tv 4k screen saver on mac

Now whenever your Mac is in idle mode, you can see Apple TV’s 4K screen saver on your Mac. You can also preview the Aerial screensaver if you want, from the Desktop & Screen Saver options.

How to Disable Apple TV 4K Screen Savers on Mac

In case you want to disable these screen savers in the future, then you can disable it by moving to Desktop & Screen Saver section and choosing any other screen saver or you can even choose never option for disabling screen saver permanently.

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