How to connect Google Pixel Buds to Windows PC

If you have Google Pixel Buds and Windows PC, there will be times when you want to use your Pixel Buds with your PC like while watching movies, listening to music, playing games, or perhaps for other tasks. Yes, Pixel Buds work with PCs too. Google Pixel Buds are one of the best true wireless buds and hence there are many reasons to use it with PC.

To enjoy the Pixel Buds with your PC, you first need to pair it with your PC. The pairing process is quite simple. Here you will learn how to pair and connect Pixel Buds to Windows PC. Once you pair the buds with your PC, Pixel buds will auto connect whenever you remove the buds from their case, considering the last time the Pixel Buds were connected to your PC.

It’s been years since brands started removing the 3.5mm jack from smartphones, and almost every phone nowadays is missing the port for a wired headset. Because of this users had to switch to Bluetooth headset. They are comfortable and easy to use, but connecting them takes long time. This is nothing like a wired headset where you can directly insert a 3.5mm cord. So going through a guide definitely helps. Now let’s jump into the guide.

How to Connect Pixel Buds to Windows PC

As mentioned earlier, its quite easy to connect Pixel buds. Before we jump into steps, make sure to turn on your PC and charge your Pixel Buds. The pairing process for almost every Pixel Buds model is the same.

Step 1: Open the lid of your Pixel Buds case. Make sure the pair of buds are inside the case.

Step 2: Now press the button at the back for 3 seconds and the LED on the case will start blinking. This means the buds are in pairing mode.

Step 3: On your PC, open Settings and then choose Bluetooth & devices tab. Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled. You can also search for it in Settings.

Step 4: In this page, click on the + icon and then select Bluetooth.

Step 5: It will look for available bluetooth devices including your Pixel Buds. Select Pixel Buds from the list.

Step 6: When you select the pixel Buds, it will connect with your PC right away.

So this is how you can pair and connect your Pixel Buds to your Windows PC. Considering that some of you might have more queries, I have shared some frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to Pair Pixel Buds with Smartphone again?

    No, you can easily connect back to your Smartphone with just one click from the Bluetooth settings page.

  2. Can I Connect my Pixel Buds to a Mac?

    Yes, you can also connect Pixel Buds to Mac. To do so, put the Pixel Buds in pairing mode with same process, and then on your Mac navigate to System Preferences > Bluetooth. Select your Pixel Buds and click on Connect.

  3. How to know if my Pixel Buds are in Pairing Mode?

    When you press and hold the back button while the case lid is open, the LED light will start blinking in light yellow color. If the LED is blinking which means your Pixel Buds are in pairing mode.

  4. Why aren’t my Pixel Buds showing in the Bluetooth list?

    It happens if your Pixel Buds are not in Pairing Mode, already connected to eight devices, or the Pixel Buds was connected to the same device before. If you used the Pixel Buds with same device before, then first remove it from saved Bluetooth devices and try again.

  5. How to Switch Pixel Buds between PC and Phone?

    Its quite simple. For example you want to connect your Buds to PC from Smartphone, go to Bluetooth Devices page on your PC and tap on the Pixel Buds. Doing so will disconnect Buds from Smartphone and will be connected with PC. You can do the same on your Smartphone.

I hope I was able to solve all your queries with the answers above. In case you have more queries, let us know in the comment section. Pixel Buds are great and quite convenient if you learn how to use them. Enjoy your Pixel Buds.

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