How many Android Updates will Galaxy S24 Get

Samsung has recently unveiled its latest flagship phones, featuring three models: Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. Since Google stepped up update game with the Pixel 8 series, we knew Samsung would also make some moves to match Google or take the game to another level. If you are wondering how many Android updates the Samsung Galaxy S24 will get, here I will answer your question.

While, for most smartphone companies, selling devices is the primary focus with little attention to updates, top companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung are actively prioritizing software updates. While some other companies, like OnePlus, are performing well, they still don’t quite measure up to the top-tier companies I mentioned

How many years of support will the Galaxy S24 receive?

Samsung officially announced that the Galaxy S24 series will get 7 generations of OS Upgrades and 7 years of Security Updates.

How many Android Updates will Galaxy S24 Get

Talking about previous S series phones, Samsung has committed to providing four years of major Android updates and five years of security updates for the Galaxy S23 series. The series has already received its first major update, One UI 6, late last year. The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 are also eligible for four years of Android updates.

But Samsung took it to the next level with the new Galaxy S24 series. The Galaxy S24 will continue to receive Android updates until 2030. Yes, Samsung promises 7 years of OS updates as well as security updates for its latest Galaxy S24. This means up to Android 21, if Google decides to continue naming Android updates in similar fashion.

With the Galaxy S24, Samsung now aligns with Google in terms of software updates. Google is also dedicated to offering seven years of OS upgrades for the Pixel 8 series. In comparison, Apple, another major player in the smartphone market, lacks a specific update policy. However, the iPhone 6s received the highest number of updates, totaling seven. With the commitment to the Galaxy S24, Samsung surpasses Apple in this aspect.

OS Upgrades vs Security Updates

If you are not aware of the difference between OS update and Security update, an OS update refers to the yearly operating system upgrade, delivering numerous changes and features. On the other hand, Security Updates are more frequent but contain fewer changes, focusing primarily on security enhancements. It depends on the brands whether they choose to release Android security updates every month or they want to take more time.

So how a user benefit from longer update support? Firstly, your phone will continually receive the latest features, provided the hardware supports them. Another big benefit is the high resale value, as users look for devices with few years of software updates left, rather than devices whose update support has already ended.

Another valuable benefit is that your device will remain secure against modern-day attacks and vulnerabilities. Similarly, there are numerous other advantages to long Android OS update support. Additionally, for those interested in custom development, the Galaxy S24 will receive Custom ROM and Recovery support for at least a decade.

The coming years will be dedicated to AI and Samsung has ensured that the Galaxy S24 hardware will support multiple AI capabilities in the future. Galaxy S24 is already packed with AI features that can make life easier.

Now that you’re aware, the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra are guaranteed to receive seven years of OS upgrades and Android security updates. This ensures that Galaxy S24 users are covered until 2030 without concerns about losing update support. Stay tuned, as we will soon share the review of this latest flagship beast and provide various guides that you can apply to your Galaxy S24.

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