Ashutosh Singh

How much does the Samsung Galaxy S24 cost?

January 17, 2024

After a long wait, Samsung has finally removed the curtain from the much awaited Galaxy S24 series.

Just like the previous lineup, there are three models in Galaxy S24 series.

As a smartphone user, everyone will be looking for the prices of the new Galaxy S24 series. Here is the official pricing.

256GB - $1299 512GB - $1419 1TB - $1659

Galaxy S24 Ultra

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256GB - $999 512GB - $1119

Galaxy S24 Plus

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128GB - $799 256GB - $859

Galaxy S24

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These are the set pricing means, you will also be getting some offers depending on the platform you are buying.

The new phones are already available for pre-orders, the phones will be available to buy outright starting Jan 31.