Can Google Gemini Be the Vacation Planner You Need in Your Life?

Vacations are a great way to enjoy quality time for yourself, family, or friends. Going on a vacation is fun, but planning one out can be a headache.

There is a lot of time being spent researching and deciding if you want to visit the places or do some activities in the place where you plan to enjoy your holidays.

But, what if I told you that you can now leave the vacation research process to AI? Well, you can now do that thanks to Google Gemini, a great tool to help you plan a vacation.

Let’s look at how you should plan a vacation with Google Gemini.

Plan Your Vacation Google Gemini

Now, planning a vacation in any manner requires you to first create a checklist. Here’s a list of things to think about when planning your trip: weather, clothes to pack, and cellular options. Should you roam with your current SIM or buy a local one?

Additionally, you will also be adding things such as what to explore, good dining options as well as flight timings. So let’s see how you can get all of this sorted out with the help of Google Gemini.

For this tutorial, I will be planning a fictitious trip from Germany to Finland to experience and enjoy the upcoming FIA WRC Rally. So, let’s get started.

Checking The Weather

The weather is one of the most important factors when going on vacation. Not everyone enjoys the same weather. Here is how you ask Google Gemini about the weather.

i planned my trip with google gemini

As you can see from the response provided by Google Gemini, it gives you details such as what kind of weather you can expect, the average temperatures as well as how much daylight you can expect. All of it is pretty good. However, Gemini also says that you should check for a closer date.

So, let’s put in the dates during which the WRC FIA Rally takes place.

After giving Google Gemini a rough date about the weather in Finland, we see it gives you the highs and lows but also tells you that there could be a chance of showers.

i planned my trip with google gemini

So, is it essential to give Google Gemini certain specifics? Absolutely. It becomes helpful since you do not want to be surprised by weather conditions that aren’t favorable to you.

Its Packing Time

Now, as we have seen Google Gemini tells me that there could be chances of rain, let’s take a look at what it will suggest packing for our vacation.

Because Google Gemini can keep up and continue the conversation keeping in mind the previous queries, it has put out a great list of items to pack. It has suggested what kind of clothes, different types of footwear as well as additional accessories if you like.

i planned my trip with google gemini

Additionally, Gemini also suggests essentials and provides you with a decent number of tips that are perfect for your trip. It simply feels like Gemini cares about you and wants to ensure that you have an enjoyable trip.

How Do We Go From Here, Gemini?

Now, when it comes to traveling from Germany to Finland, you have many options to choose from. But, if you are solo traveling, what would be the cheapest and fastest way? Here is what Google Gemini has to say.

Looking at Gemini’s response, it has given me the fastest and the cheapest option. However, Gemini has also stated that since I am a solo traveler, it suggested I not opt for the bus. 

So, here is what Gemini does when you ask it to give you suggestions for a cheap airline ticket. Do note that it makes things easier if you make a mention of when you plan to fly. However, it does not give you flight dates.

i planned my trip with google gemini

Rather, it is simply showing you places from where you can book cheap flight tickets. Of course, Gemini is kind enough to give you some additional tips while booking flight tickets.

When you specifically ask it to give you the cheapest flights from Germany to Finland for a specific date, it will then give you three options that give you the timing, cost as well as duration of the flight. But, you can get this done in an even better way by making use of the Google Flights extension.

i planned my trip with google gemini

With the extension enabled, you can simply type in @Google Flights followed by the take-off and destination as well as the date. Gemini will give you a list of all the round-trip flights with the duration, cost as well as the airline.

i planned my trip with google gemini

Gemini, Where Do I Stay?

Of course now, when on a nice week-long trip, you would want to look for a good place to stay. Gemini can help you with this as well. I get a list of good hotels, make sure to type in the amounts that you would be fine to pay for per night.

In my query to Gemini, I asked it to give me a list of good and cheap hotels during my stay in Finland. It has suggested good hostels and three-star hotels that would be perfect during my one week’s stay in Finland. It also gives you links that you can click on and view in Google Hotels. From there you can simply book your room if you like the price.

i planned my trip with google gemini

However, you would want a hotel that is closer to the airport, So, simply ask Gemini what hotels are closest to the airport. Gemini will not only give you a list of the previously recommended hotels but will also show you the distance between the airport and the hotel thanks to Google Maps.

i planned my trip with google gemini

What’s There To See, Gemini?

With the hotels sorted out, you can now ask Gemini to give you a list of things to do around during your stay in Finland. Since my whole trip to Finland was to enjoy the WRC rally in Finland, I asked Gemini to give me a list of things I could do in Finland without missing out on enjoying the rally.

i planned my trip with google gemini

Apart from mentioning the WRC Rally, Gemini has also listed out some nice places for me to see around. Such listings make it easy for you to decide where you would like to go. Gemini gives you a small summary of the palace and what you can expect to see when you visit different sites.

i planned my trip with google gemini

Because I made a mention of the WRC Rally in my query, Gemini has also given me a few tips while I’m attending the rally. Now, this is perfect for those who might be not only attending a WRC Rally for the first time, but also giving you useful advice about how the weather can be. It also gives you warnings about certain things such as the traffic and how you should plan to reach the site early.

How About Some Good Food?

When it comes to food and dine-out places, whether you are on vacation or simply in your city, we all have the habit of opening Google Maps and searching for restaurants around. While with Google Maps, you would have to tap on each search result to see what they have.

i planned my trip with google gemini

Meanwhile, Gemini gives you a list of good places to check out for you to enjoy some local cuisine, it makes sure to suggest good places that will be around your hotel itself. In my case, it has been suggested not only sightseeing places but also good eateries within the city of Jyväskylä.

You can keep asking Google Gemini for anything that you would like. Whether you want to look for bars, public transportation, or even local timing and currency, Gemini has all of it. The idea is to give Gemini enough information about your trip so that it can give you suggestions and answers that will satisfy you right away.

Are Gemini’s Suggestions Accurate?

In a lot of instances, the responses are very accurate. Thanks to Google’s database of different information, it can give you all the good things right away. Plus, with the integration of additional Google Services into Gemini such as YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Flights, and Google Maps, you can easily explore new places without much difficulty. You can also save a lot of time on researching around.

It is also good to cross-check the information, just to be sure that Gemini is giving you the right information.

Vacationing With Gemini

So yes, AI tools such as Google Gemini are indeed helpful when it comes to planning outings and vacations. This is the perfect tool from Google that will help not only solo travelers but also group travels more fun and less stressful because Gemini is always there to answer your queries at any time of the day.

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