6 Games like Factorio to Play on PC

Automation games are enjoyable. It tests your skills in resource management and also how you plan to get a particular job done. Also, such types of games are fun. If you have played Factorio then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Now Factorio is a 2D game but in all aspects a fun one at that. The reviews on Steam itself will tell you how much people have loved the game. So, if you are someone that loves Factorio, here are 6 other games like Factorio for you to play on PC.

There are a lot of games that let you manage and control almost everything in the game. Whether you want to get a building constructed, produce and manufacture raw materials, harvest different crops, and above all help and have a lot of fun with your friends. Now, with Factorio, all of these can be done including the ability to install and run different kinds of mods in the game. So, if you are someone that wants to try other games similar to Factorio, then read on to know about 6 other games similar to Factorio that you can play on PC.

6 Games like Factorio for PC

1. OpenTTD

Games like Factorio

Here is a fun game similar to Factorio that has been around for years. OpenTTD is a free open source game that lets you build various kinds of cities, transport routes and also upgrade your city with the best transportation systems. Just like how Factorio focuses a lot on building tons of factories. OpenTTD is all about having the best transportation system in town. Whether it is the road, rail, air, or water, you need to manage and bring the best out of them all. Because various industries depend on transportation for their goods, you need to manage and expand your services so that there is no inconvenience for anyone. You can play with other friends online or even via your local LAN multiplayer mode.

  • Release Date: 14 March 2004
  • Developer: OpenTTD
  • Price: Free

2. Mindustry

Games like Factorio

While Factorio is all about building factories and managing resources, Mindustry is all about creating conveyor belts. Yes, it is similar to that of Satisfactory. In Mindustry, you will not only have to manage your resources and supply but will also have to take care of certain enemies that will come around to disrupt your setup. Apart from that, you get to play with your friends and other people online in PVP matches. There are more than 250 sectors that you need to advance through and at least 16 maps that you can play in. You can play in different game modes such as Survival, Attack, PVP, and Sandbox. The game also offers an inbuilt map editor for when you wish to create your custom maps.

  • Release Date: 27 September 2019
  • Developer: AnukenDev
  • Price: Paid

3. Factory Town

Games like Factorio

Factory Town is a small yet fun resource management and village-building game. You need to provide food and other important resources for your villagers to survive. You can make use of the converter belts as seen in Satisfactory. The belts used here help in transporting the various goods to the markets right from the production factories. You will also be able to shape and sculpt the game world which then, later on, helps in setting up your industries. You will have to note that this is a single-layer game, so the option of paying with your friends is unavailable. You can, however, make use of the Steam workshop that lets you use items crafted by other people in your game world.

  • Release Date: 17 November 2021
  • Developer: Erik Asmussen
  • Price: Paid

4. Kubifactorium

Games like Factorio

Here is an automation game like Factorio that lets you control your colonists to explore and colonize different lands and set up their own factories to produce various types of resources. You will be able to set up factories, oversee logistics, and above all manage your resources in any biome that you colonize. With all of your basic needs setup, you can then begin the automated process of manufacturing your products and transporting them with the use of various kinds of conveyor belts. The needs and abilities of your colonists need to be fulfilled and managed, otherwise, the work process will simply not be completed. The game also lets you make use of various kinds of mods to enjoy and create new items.

  • Release Date: 2 July 2019
  • Developer: Mirko Sethe
  • Price: Paid

5. Oxygen Not Included

Games like Factorio

While all of these games take place on some sort of landmass on a planet, Oxygen Not Included takes place in space. The activities that take place in your space colony can be controlled by you and only you. The Space Base requires that its temperatures be maintained. Because if it becomes too hot or too cold, it can threaten the life of the people working there. The machines need to be well maintained, and the resources that are used by the power grid such as natural gas, hydrogen, coal, and grease need to be checked at all times. Apart from just managing and controlling your world, you go explore other different worlds as well. The best part is that you can reuse and recycle most of the waste products produced by the space base.

  • Release Date: 30 July 2019
  • Developer: Klei Entertainment
  • Price: Paid

6. FortressCraft Evolved!

Games like Factorio

Here is a game that requires you to begin the automation process and assembly lines, but right from scratch. You reach an unknown deserted alien world with next to nothing owned by you. So, you need to survive and for this, you must begin to look for various kinds of resources. On the lookout for such resources, you will also need to stay safe from being attacked by various aliens. With the basic resources collected, you can slowly start up your assembly line and mining plants. The game has a vibrant and colorful world that lets you make use of various mods. And, if you thought playing single-player was boring, online multiplayer modes would make this game more fun. This game has an extremely huge world where you can explore and collect resources.

  • Release Date: 9 November 2016
  • Developer: Projector Games
  • Price: Paid


And these are some of the best games like Factorio to play on your PC. Sure, this is a very small list, but if you were wondering why some popular games shave not been mentioned. It’s because we have created another list of games like Astroneer that you can check out. Automation and resource management games are fun, but it can take a lot of time to get the desired results. With that being said, let us know what are some of your favorite automation and resource management games you come across or played in the comments below.

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