Google releases a bunch of New Wallpapers for Pixel Phones [Download]

The excitement for the Google event is not only because of the new product announcements but the addition of a new wallpaper collection as well. Like last year, Google has added some new wallpapers to the Community Lens collection on Pixel phones this year as well. Here you get to download new pixel wallpapers from the community lens collection.

During the Made by Google event, Google adds some new wallpapers to the Community Lens collection from last year. Last year Google added around 18 wallpapers in October month that’s exactly about a year ago. And now this year Google has added new wallpapers to the collection just before the Google Pixel 7 series launch. These wallpapers are different than Pixel 7 Stock Wallpapers.

Google Pixel Community Lens Wallpapers

Community Lens is a wallpaper section available in Pixel phones that can be accessed by long pressing on the home screen and then selecting Wallpapers and Styles. This wallpaper section contains wallpapers shared by many community members. And all the wallpapers in the collection are in high quality.

Earlier there were 18 wallpapers in the Community Lens collection and this year, Google has added 12 new wallpapers to the collection. Here are what these new wallpapers are named.

  • Autumn treetops in the mist by Wojtek Rygielski
  • Welcome to San Francisco by Bhushan Mondkar
  • Patterns in nature by Tim Dasilva
  • Solitude by Tim Dasilva
  • Hopi Point sunset by Hema Hariharan
  • View of the Milky Way from the Swiss Alps by Wojtek Rygielski
  • Monterey morning by Elvin Hu
  • View from Mount Titlis by Nick Chameyev
  • Na Pali ridges by Selim Cinek
  • Dawn at the White Sands by Jiwoong Lee
  • Sunlight through Muir Woods by Helene Sears
  • Icelandic aurora by Christy Y. Liao

Below you can check the preview of all the new wallpapers for Pixel phones.

Note: Below is the preview images of the wallpapers just for the representation. Preview is not in the original quality so don’t download from images. Use the download link given in the download section below.

The new wallpapers are available to most Pixel phones either till the Pixel 4 series or Pixel 3 series. As mentioned earlier, a Pixel user can access it with a Long tap on the home screen > Wallpaper and Style > Community Lens. Google keeps refreshing the Pixel wallpaper collection with some new wallpapers. And each of these wallpapers is great. If you don’t have a Pixel phone or the new wallpaper didn’t show up on your phone yet, then you can download new wallpapers manually.

Download New Pixel Wallpapers

All the new wallpapers are available in high resolution of 4118 x 3432 pixels. No need to worry about the quality. Now if you like the new wallpapers collection of Google Pixel wallpapers, then you can get it from the Google Drive link. Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel where we share the latest updates. I hope Google continues to add new wallpapers frequently.

After downloading wallpapers, go to the download folder, and choose your favorite wallpaper that you want to set on your smartphone’s home screen or lock screen. Open it and then tap on the three-dots menu icon to set the wallpaper. That’s it.

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