Download iPadOS 18 Wallpapers [QHD+ Resolution]

iPadOS 18 is the latest OS for the iPad lineup and is currently available in developer beta. The new version of the OS comes with many new features and improvements, along with eight new wallpapers. If you are not installing a beta build or don’t have an iPad, you can still get the iPadOS 18 wallpapers in high resolution.

The one complaint iPad users have every year is that the company focuses more on iOS updates and doesn’t bring notable changes to iPadOS. This year, iOS 18 shares many features with iPadOS 18, including new Apple Assistant features.

With iPadOS 18, Apple finally brings a Calculator app to the iPad. And it’s not just a basic calculator; it’s an AI calculator that can perform mathematical expressions that you write in the calculator. You can use an Apple Pencil or touch to write equations or problems, and the calculator will give you results right away. You can even solve problems like parabolic equations with diagrams.

While only iPhone 15 Pro models are eligible for Apple Intelligence through iOS 18, all Apple silicon iPads are eligible for AI features through iPadOS 18, which is a win over iOS. There are many new useful features in iPadOS 18 that we will cover in a different article.

iPadOS 18 Wallpapers

One thing we all have to admit is that this year, iOS and iPadOS didn’t bring cool wallpapers. These are basic wallpapers, while macOS 15 gets some good ones. There are four main wallpapers in different shades. In Dark Mode, each wallpaper swaps to darker colors. So including dark mode, there are a total of eight wallpapers. These are basic abstract wallpapers that you may or may not like. Check out the preview below.

Note: Below are the preview images of the wallpapers and just for the representation. Preview is not in the original quality so don’t download from images. Use the download link given in the download section below.

iPadOS 18 Wallpapers Preview

Download iPadOS 18 Wallpapers

If you have a wide-resolution device, then iPadOS 18 wallpapers are a sensible choice. These can also be used on iPhone and other Android phones. In terms of quality, they are available in high resolution and high quality. You can get these wallpapers from the links available below.

Once downloaded, simply open the wallpaper and save to photos, and then apply it on your home screen or lock screen from the Photos app. That’s it.

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