How to downgrade macOS Big Sur to macOS Catalina (macOS 11 to macOS 10)

macOS Big Sur introduced recently at WWDC 2020 event, and it comes with a lot of improvement in performance and UI. The latest macOS 11 mainly focused on user experience and performance. Apple finally introduces some features that we were waiting for a long time. The macOS 11 developer beta already available. And if you installed it on your computer, but want to go back to macOS 10 for some reason. Then here’s a guide on how to downgrade macOS Big Sur to macOS Catalina.

No wonder that the macOS 11 or macOS Big Sur comes with a lot of new features. But as for now, only developer beta is available, which meant for testing and development purposes. And so it is possible that you may face some bugs. In fact, some users have already reported some bugs in social media. And if you are also facing bugs and want to roll back to macOS Catalina, then this guide is for you.

Let’s first discuss some of its new features and see if you forgot to try any feature. macOS Big Sur comes with a lot of improvement, and the first one is the desktop UI. In desktop, we get a new control center the same as iPhones for easier controls over various functions. And Apple Safari browser also received a major upgrade, and now it can translate the entire web page. If you have not tried Messages and Maps, then try its new features. Let now see how you can rollback to macOS Catalina from macOS Big Sur.

How to Downgrade macOS Big Sur to macOS Catalina

Prepare for Downgrade:

First, take a full backup of your macOS Big Sur as it will delete all data stored on your computer. Make sure to store the backup in a safe location so that you can restore it later if needed. There are a few methods to downgrade macOS. Here we will be sharing the guide to downgrade macOS Big Sur using the Internet. Another method requires a bootable drive, but it is a complex method, so we will be sharing the method that works with an internet connection. So let’s get into the guide.

Steps to Downgrade macOS 11 to macOS 10

  1. Turn off your Mac or Macbook.
  2. Press & hold Option + Command + R keys and power on your Mac.
  3. And when the Spinning globe appears on the screen, release all keys.
  4. Then connect your Mac with the Internet if it asks. Skip this step if already connected to WiFi or ethernet.
  5. It can take some time depending on your Internet speed, so wait for the next screen to appear.
  6. Now it will open macOS Utilities where you need to select Disk Utility.
  7. In Data Utility, click on View button (below close/red icon) and select show all devices.
  8. Then select the parent device and erase it (It will delete all your Mac data, so make sure you have a copy/backup).
  9. After erasing data close the disk Utility and now select Reinstall macOS in macOS Utilities.
  10. It will now open the macOS Catalina installer, so select COntinue > Agree > Install.
  11. It will start installing the macOS Catalina on your Mac.
  12. And after booting, you can use macOS Cataline on your Apple computer.

If you don’t have data or Internet connection, then you should install the macOS Catalina using a bootable drive. But if you have a good internet connection, then this is the easiest method that you can follow.

This method can also be used for downgrading other macOS. So you have just to make sure your data backup up and that’s all you need to worry. This is the method we recommend to everyone for clean macOS installation or downgrading to older macOS.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to downgrade macOS Big Sir to macOS Catalina. And if you have any questions regarding macOS guides, let us know in the comment section.

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