13 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 1000 ($20) in India

Speaker is just a basic need these days, and when it comes to the Bluetooth, it rocks the floor. Entertaining yourself and others are simple with music so you may need a Bluetooth speaker. To minimize your time and effort we have listed Best Bluetooth Speakers under 1000:

I know there are a bunch of Bluetooth speakers available in the retail market or stores. However, many of them are worthless. It may work for 2 or 3 months, and that’s it. So, you need to buy durable and rich sound speakers. Here you will find 13 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 1000 which are available in India with fantastic sound quality. You can use to enhance your music experience like, during the workout, jogging, playing, cooking, etc.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 1000:

1Philips BT64B Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Rs. 999)

BT64B is a small punch from Philips, and it is feature packed comes with excellent sound quality and has an inbuilt mic for calls. The elegant squared looked speaker also has a capability of noise cancellation. Thanks to the elastic handle, You can also carry this handy speaker in your hands.

You can experience these on Philips BT64B – FM Radio, High-Quality sound, AUX-Line 3.5 mm cable support, both Android & iPhone support, and more. Also, the 1-year warranty may help you if the speaker isn’t working correctly. So, According to me, You can go for this portable speaker, if you love Philips & also need the 1-year warranty. After a full charge, you can enjoy the non-stop music for 3-4 hours.

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2Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Rs. 999)

Rugged looking elegant Best Bluetooth speaker from Artis gives you the most exceptional experience, because of the sound quality. The rectangular carrying geometry box like the speaker can provide you the non-stop 5 hours music experience. You can connect a pen drive, SD card up to 32GB, and AUX-Line cable with this portable Bluetooth speaker.

This speaker comes with dynamic sound effects with Crystal Clear Sound and 10-meter hand holding wristband. Also, Artis gives you the 1-year warranty available only in India. If you like this speaker you can buy this from Amazon or Flipkart. From the features and experience, it is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000.

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3Zebronics Infinity BT017UCF (Rs. 768)

The stylish looking portable speaker comes with a bunch of features with stunning design. We know Zebronics products are superior by sound quality like we saw Zebronics Raga in the Best Bluetooth Headphones under 1000. Another Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in microphone for calling support.

The Zebronics Infinity packs with huge 1200 mAh battery for long-lasting performance up to 5 hours or more, with the charge time of 4 hours via USB. You can also listen to songs via SD card up to 32GB. This is a unique and stylish Bluetooth speaker which Zebronic is offering at a low price.

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4AmazonBasics Ultra-Portable Nano Bluetooth Speaker (Rs. 599)

Amazon itself launched a Bluetooth speaker at affordable prices with smart features. If you’re looking for a speaker which is waterproof, then this one is for you. The small bowl like a speaker with a rubberized handle can run 6 hours on a full charge. This small packet also provides a 1-year warranty from the company.

You can connect your Android or iPhone from 10 meters away via Bluetooth. You can carry the speaker anywhere you want, like during showers, jogging, Yoga, etc. Another catching feature of this portable Bluetooth speaker is – inbuilt mic for calls. If your budget is strict Rs. 600 then this is the one for you. If you like Amazon basic products then consider this as one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 rs (INR).

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5Portronics Cubix BT (Rs. 949)

It is a squared looking speaker with two speakers on the front, it’s not very annoyingly loud, provides the relaxing sound base but it should be ok with this packet. It provides you up to 6 hours of battery life on 50% of volume. Pairing is easy with this crisp packet. Also, this one comes with builtin AUX-Line 3.5 mm audio cable, and you can connect anywhere you want.

The finishing of the speaker is rubberized, available in Red & Black color options. In Portronics Cubix POR-182 volume control is very easy and handy. You can connect this speaker with both Android & iOS.

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6Intex MUZYK B5 (Rs. 999)

The Intex MUZYK B5 is perfect for the desktop, it may look cool with your computer. You can also experience wireless calling on this speaker. However the trade-off here is portability, it’s a bit hefty at 200 g, and just like others this also has an FM Radio support, AUX & SD Card support.

This portable Bluetooth speaker available under 1000 with 5 hours of battery life and 1-year of warranty. The base is a bit better on this, and the overall sound quality is just satisfactory. This is a good product from Intex and due to its heavy features, it is in the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 1000.

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7AmazonBasics ShockProof & Waterproof Speaker (Rs. 999)

This rugged speaker is sturdy, with fantastic sound quality and shockproof & waterproof capability. The only speaker on the list which can able to run up to 12 hours on a full charge. This portable speaker comes with IP67 waterproof rating & this one also has a rubberized case.

This AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth speaker may easily sit into your big pocket. Also, the 3W audio driver can give you the experience of better sound. It can come with clear crystal sound with minimal bass. Bottom Line – If your budget is Rs. 1000, then you can go for this.

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8F&D W-3 Bluetooth Speaker (Rs. 999)

The stunning looking diamond-like Bluetooth speaker from F&D is available under rs. 1000. One thing I couldn’t find in the speakers that I previously mentioned is the quality, it looks tough & rugged, but it’s also really light, weighs just about 148g. The only thing I didn’t find in this speaker is the AUX cable port. Yes, this one doesn’t have AUX-Line cable support.

However, it has all other features comes with previously mentioned speakers. Well, In the dark it looks mind-blowing, thanks to the diamond cuts and looks. If you think this one is for you, you can purchase it.

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9Photon P10 Wireless 3W Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Rs. 990)

The sound quality is excellent with super bass. As I have mentioned earlier the speakers don’t come with good bass. But this one offers it, but the only thing with Photon P10 is the battery, this may only work up to 3 hours on full volume. The overall design of the speaker is cool, it is easy to carry anywhere you want.

Like others, it also comes with basic features like FM Radio, SD card, built-in microphone, aux, and noise cancellation support. Bottom line – If you need a small handy speaker with good bass, then this one is for you.

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10Iball Musi Cube (Rs. 724)

This cute looking cube-shaped speaker comes in two color variants – black+silver and brown+gold. It has 4 tactile control buttons for volume and playback menu. The only thing you may not like is the hefty weight, this one also a heavy one with 164g Because it looks minimal.

Iball Musi Cube comes with 1-year warranty across the country. Bass is very less, but the overall experience is good. You can also play songs via 3.5 mm audio port.

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11Flipkart SmartBuy 3W Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Rs. 699)

The next Bluetooth Speakers under 1000 in India in our list is Flipkart SmartBuy 3W Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Google Home Mini like shaped portable Bluetooth speaker looks promising when Flipkart owns it. It is available in Grey color option. The speaker has tactile buttons for changing the playback and pick the calls.

This speaker doesn’t support the microSD card for the playback, and this one is the only one from our list which not supports the SD card. It also comes with the warranty. Bottom line – It is available at Rs. 699 which fits into your pocket. A great product from Flipkart and it deserves to be in the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 1000.

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12Zoook ZB-Pure Magic (Rs. 899)

Zoook ZB-Pure Magic speaker comes with Noise-Cancelling microphone. It featured with Bluetooth 4.1 for the connectivity. The overall build of the speaker is looking fine with a grid on the front. You can enjoy non-stop playback till 3 hours after full charge. This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000.

It has all the simplistic features like AUX-Line cable, SD card support, and USB charging. It weighs 163g. You can easily connect this speaker with any phone.

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13Easypro MINI Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker (Rs. 545)

The stylish & elegant looking Bluetooth speaker has branded with Facebook like “F” logo, which looks cool. This speaker is available in 5 color options – white, black, red, green, and blue. The best thing about the speaker is, it looks awesome for desktops or table tops. Easily paired with any device & easy to use.

The only thing which is not available in the speaker is, It doesn’t have FM Radio. So, You can buy this speaker if your budget is really low.

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All the speakers have it’s own characteristics in the range of Rs. 1000. I have included all the pros and cons in the detail of the paragraphs. So¬†comment which one is your favorite. And buy according to your need means what you like most about Bluetooth Speakers. I will suggest you watch the review video of an item that you choose from the list for more info. I hope that you have found one favorite speaker from the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 1000.

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