YouTube Expands Access to ‘Jump Ahead’ Feature for More Users

YouTube is testing a couple of AI-powered features in the platform and Jump Ahead is one of these features. Jump Ahead skips the portion of a video that most users skip and takes directly to the useful part or the engaging part. This is done in just one click when the Jump Ahead button appears in the video.

Quick Read
  • Jump Ahead available for all YouTube Premium members in the US
  • Limited to YouTube Android App and select English Language Videos
  • AI-Powered Jump Ahead skips the part that most viewers skip

Previously, this AI-powered feature was limited to only select YouTube premium features in the US. But now the feature is available to all YouTube premium users in the US. This works on the YouTube Android App and for select English-language videos. This feature may or may not be available in other regions until it is officially released.

This is an experimental feature with end date set for June 1. Google may bring it officially before the end date or could always extend the last experimental date further. This is similar to how YouTube test other features.

As mentioned earlier the feature will appear on select videos in the English language. I believe this feature will appear in videos that have enough views/data to determine which parts users usually skip and which parts they mostly watch. So you will most likely to see the feature on Videos with a lot of views.

Now to access this feature, all you need to do is double tap to skip a part, and the ‘Jump Ahead’ button will appear at the bottom right corner of the video for the next few seconds. Once you tap the button, it will directly take you to the next part that users don’t skip. You can check in YouTube Android App > Settings > Try experimental new features, if it’s available for your account.

What do you think of YouTube’s experimental feature? Are you enjoying it or waiting for the feature access? In my opinion, this is a good small edition of the YouTube app which will save time of finding and skipping through non-useful parts.

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