Windows Subsystem for Android September update improves startup times

Microsoft releases a monthly incremental upgrade for Windows Subsystem for Android in the US and Japan. Just like the last month, the update goes live for all Windows insider channels. The newest Windows Subsystem for Android release is tagged with the 2208.40000.4.0 version number and comes with a bunch of improvements and fixes. Read along to know more about the September Windows Subsystem for Android update.

This month’s Windows Subsystem for Android upgrade bring improvements to the startup performance, scrolling smoothness in apps, usability improvements in the Settings app, UX improvements for game controls dialog, general graphics enhancements, gamepad improvements while multiple apps usage, performance enhancements while uninstalling apps, and more.

Apart from the improvements, the update fixes the App Not Responding (ANR) errors, addresses crash issues while copying and pasting large content files, Fixed video playback issue for apps, and more.

This release will bump up the Chromium WebView to 104 version number and brings Linux kernel security updates. Here’s the complete list of changes, shared by Microsoft on its Windows Insider Blog.

September Windows Subsystem for Android – Changelog

  • Reliability fixes for App Not Responding (ANR) errors
  • Improvements to input compatibility shims
  • Improvements to scrolling (smoothness) in apps
  • Usability Improvements to the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app
  • Startup performance improvements
  • Fixed crashes when copying and pasting extremely large content
  • UX improvements for the game controls dialog
  • Improvements to networking
  • General graphics improvements
  • Improvements for gamepad when using multiple apps
  • Improved performance of uninstalling apps
  • Fixed video playback issue for apps
  • Updated to Chromium WebView 104
  • Linux kernel security updates

As I said earlier, the new upgrade is live in the US for all Windows 11 Insider channels. Yes, you can update your Windows to the latest available version from the Settings app.

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