Windows Subsystem for Android May update brings an option for memory configuration

Microsoft has just released another gradual upgrade for Windows Subsystem for Android. Yes, the May update is out and this month’s update comes with a couple of useful features and enhancements. As always, the update is available on all channels in Windows Insider Program, you can easily upgrade to the latest software. Read along to know more about the latest update.

Microsoft kicks off the incremental upgrade with the 2304.40000.5.0 version number, you can quickly update the WSA to the newer version from Microsoft Store on Windows 11.

Talking about the features and changes, then the first change users will notice after updating to the May update while sideloading the apps on the subsystem. Microsoft brings package verification for apps, which simply means the apps will be scanned by an anti-virus during installation.

The next big change coming to the Subsystem for Android allows users to configure how much memory to assign to Android. The upgrade also brings Android AppLink support, which means Android Apps will be launched when the user taps on the supported app link.

Today’s update will bump up the Linux Kernel version to 5.15.94. Apart from that, the update brings reliability and performance improvements. Here’s the list of all changes coming with Windows Subsytem for Android May update.

  • Package verification for apps on WSA: Android apps are scanned using anti-virus software installed on Windows prior to app installation.
  • Ability for users to configure how much memory to assign to Android
  • Android apps will be launched when a user opens the supported app link from any app (Android AppLink support)
  • Linux kernel updated to 5.15.94
  • WSA reliability and performance improvements

As I said earlier, this month’s release is available on all Windows Insider Channels, so, you can head over to the Microsoft Store and check for the new updates in the Library and update WSA to 2304.40000.5.0 version number.

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