Windows Subsystem for Android latest update brings a slew of enhancements

Microsoft releases a new incremental upgrade to Windows Subsystem for Android. And the latest incremental upgrade comes with a slew of new improvements to the general input issues, app resizing, accessibility, networking, and more. This is the second incremental update rolling to Windows Subsystem for Android after the August upgrade released earlier this month. The new upgrade is tagged with the 2207.40000.8.0 version number, read along to know more about the new update.

Just like the previous upgrade, the new incremental upgrade is limited to the Windows Insider channels in US and Japan only. Moving to the changes, then the new update brings new compatibility shim, which allows apps to main their aspect ratio while resizing, a better experience with apps that use notifications instead of the progress bar, and compatibility shim support extends to the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings.

Apart from these changes, the upgrade addresses the app restarting issues, improves accessibility settings, VPN handling improvements, updated security patch, and other reliability improvements. The update will also bump up the Amazon Appstore version to 60.09. Here’s the complete list of changes in the new Windows Subsystem for Android update.

Windows Subsystem for Android (August 2022) update – Changelog

  • New compatibility shim to allow apps to maintain aspect ratio but still support resize
  • Accessibility improvements to the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app
  • New compatibility shims in the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app
  • Fixed problems with restarting apps
  • Apps that update toast notifications instead of using progress toasts have better behavior
  • Game controls user education dialog for apps with compatibility shims enabled
  • Improvements with handling VPN
  • Scrollbar fix for Windows Subsystem for Android Settings compatibility page
  • User crash data and system app crash data is now being reported
  • “No internet available” toast notification is now suppressed
  • Custom Android toasts now render correctly
  • Amazon Appstore 60.09 update
  • Android security update
  • Improved reliability

As I said earlier, the new upgrade is live in the US and Japan for all Windows 11 Insider channels. Yes, you can update your Windows to the latest available version from the Settings app.

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