Windows 11 Preview Build 23516 adds HDR Background Support

In addition to the Windows 11 Preview build 22631.2129 to the Beta channel, today Microsoft also released Windows 11 Preview build 23516 to the Dev Channel. This week’s update for the Dev Channel is quite big with multiple new features and changes. Let’s find out more about Windows 11 Build 23516.

The latest Windows 11 preview build to the Dev channel improves the casting experience. Casting from Windows PC let users wirelessly extend the display to near PC, TV, and other display. There are some changes focused on educating users about casting.

Windows 11 Preview Build 23516

After this build, users can now set JXR files as the desktop background which will render in full HDR, if the display supports HDR. Users can set the JXR file from the Personalize > Background settings.

Windows 11 Beta Build 22631.2129

Another new feature users will get in this build is the Voice Access option in the Lockscreen. And using Voice Access users can log in to the device. It also allows accessing other options on the lock screen.

Windows 11 Dev build 23516 brings new natural voices in French, Portuguese, English (India), German, and Korean.

Windows 11 Preview Build 23516

Other new features include an option to Automatically dim the screen under Presence Sensing settings. Check out the Changes and Improvements that are part of the new build.

Windows 11 23516 Changes and Improvements

[Windows Copilot]

  • [REMINDER] As of Build 23511, Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel who login and are managed by AAD (soon to be Microsoft Entra ID) will notice that the Windows Copilot Preview is no longer available in this build. This is just a temporary issue. You may enable it temporarily via this policy located here in Group Policy Editor: User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Copilot. Please note that this policy name will change in an upcoming flight. The Windows Copilot Preview will be defaulted on in a future flight including support for Bing Chat for Enterprise.

[Taskbar & System Tray]

  • As mentioned here with Build 23481, Microsoft Teams (free) is now pre-pinned to the taskbar in Windows 11. This change continues to roll out so not all Insiders will see it right away. Windows Insiders who click to launch Teams will discover a mini communications experience making it possible to chat, call, and meet with their people within just a click or two. Not only does its compact size make it easy to place the window anywhere on desktop, but you can passively keep tabs on their conversations with the ability to have it visible as they browse the web or connect with your communities. Phone Link integration is also coming soon to Microsoft Teams (free) as well.
  • As noted in our Beta Channel flight here, the settings for never combined mode for the taskbar were showing up under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behaviors but do not enable the experience. We have temporarily removed the settings to fix the issue. The feature will be coming to a Beta Channel flight soon.

[File Explorer]

Added more fields to show in the Details pane, including image dimensions for pictures, number of pages for .docx, space used and free information for drives, and many others.



  • After updating to Build 23511, some Insiders may have seen the Photos app pinned to the taskbar. This issue only occurred with that build and should no longer occur. We apologize for the issue.

[File Explorer]

  • Fixed an issue where the icons displayed in the tabs in File Explorer could become out of sync with the current folder after navigating.
  • Fixed a memory leak in File Explorer with the latest updates which could cause explorer.exe crashes and other issues over prolonged usage.
  • Fixed an underlying issue causing desktop icons to all go blank in the last few flights.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing File Explorer to show “Working on it” in an empty folder.
  • Fixed an issue where the text box for naming newly created files or folders on the desktop was showing in the wrong position (far away or way too close) relative to the thumbnail.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the context menu in the previous flight was crashing explorer.exe for some Insiders.
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking items in the navigation pane wouldn’t open a context menu after you changed folders.
  • Fixed an issue where ALT + P and Shift + Alt + P keyboard shortcuts weren’t working when focus was set to one of the images in Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where Home and Gallery could get stuck in the wrong colors if they were open when changing between light and dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails in Gallery might not load after changing the view to a smaller icon size (for example, medium to small).
  • Fixed an issue where after refreshing Home, actions to pin and unpin favorite files might not work.

We fixed the following issues for Insiders with the modernized details pane in File Explorer:

  • Fixed an issue where the design of the details pane was displaying from left to right instead of right to left when using Hebrew or Arabic display languages.

We fixed the following issues for Insiders who have the modernized File Explorer address bar that began rolling out with Build 23475:

  • The ALT + D, CTRL + L, and F4 keyboard shortcuts should work now to set focus to the address bar.
  • Fixed an issue where typing drive letters, %localappdata%, and certain other things in the address bar wasn’t causing suggested paths to appear in a dropdown.

We fixed the following issues for Insiders who have the modernized File Explorer Home that began rolling out with Build 23475:

  • Fixed an issue which could cause explorer.exe to crash when opening Home.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip would get stuck on the screen when you scrolled Home with touch.
  • Fixed an issue where collapsing and expanding the sections of Home didn’t always work.
  • Made some small adjustments to the size of elements, including reducing the size of the text.
  • Fixed an issue where mouse wheel scrolling wasn’t working if your mouse was hovered over the recommended section of Home.

[Taskbar & System Tray]

  • Fixed multiple explorer.exe crashes impacting taskbar reliability.


  • Fixed an issue which was causing certain mouse actions (including resizing windows with mouse) to not work over remote desktop.

[Dynamic Lighting]

  • Fixed an issue where switching user accounts could turn off device LEDs.

If you are a Windows 11 Insider in the Dev Channel, you will receive the new build directly on your PC. You can check for the update by going to Settings > Windows Update.

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